Monday, October 3, 2011

rejoice in the Lord always-challenge

"giving thanks always"

big deep breath..
giving thanks...

let me try

*thank you God I woke up healthy Sunday and every day
*I woke up knowing I could worship you with others who believe in you.

*thank you for that little yellow car that starts when it needs to,
has air conditioning and gets me where I need to be.
*thank you for the hubby who paid for that car and the gas,
with out complaining.
*thank you for the daughter who understands sometimes life 
is more challenging than other times, yet she knows how 
loved she is by her parents. even when they literally go different directions instead of getting to eat lunch with her and spend the afternoon together.
*thank you God for my siblings who's capable hands will be the physical and oh so important emotional support needed for our parents.
*thank you God I can drive, fly and arrive safely on the this weeks path
*thank you God for nsaids and how well they work.
*thank you God for sweet kids in Texas who's preemie son is growing strong and healthy, each hour even. 
*thank you God for allowing me to express my crazy emotions on paper. i know i feel better and once in awhile others do too. 
*thank you God our son has a job
*thank you God for our other daughter and her loving and fun hubby
*thank you I have a suitcase to pack and time to pack in.

I didn't do too bad.
it's your turn. 
let me hear 'em