Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am waiting:

1. For a killing frost, to clear out the annuals so the tulips can go in.
 On the other hand, not ready for that frost, still enjoying those flowers.

2. To determine if those tiny little sprouts are grass or what?

3. For the bride to come home and try on those 2 dresses, currently waiting for her. 

Look at my new plant stand. Whatcha think Bride?

Just because it's so pretty, a close up of the draping and swooshing in one of the bridal gowns. 
 Back to waiting. 
Anxiously waiting to see the bride in this. 
And the other contender too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Under cover

The plants.
They will be going under cover,
Weatherman thinks it will freeze tonight.
I want to winter over plants for the wedding.

Some in stripes, some in flannel. Only the best for 'em. 

Like my new "plant stands"?


Monday, October 25, 2010


The wedding dresses have arrived!
In a few weeks so will the bride.

Chatting w/a cheetah!

Not really, just my two adorable daughters. I had a phone on each ear, because they called within 5 minutes of each other... but during the same time.
Bride is working on plane tickets home for Thanksgiving, so we worked out schedules. We might get to have her for a week! 
Seems like we talked some wedding stuff, and came to a conclusion on ....??? something. But..I cannot remember. 

So maybe we didn't. It's waaay past my bedtime.

My youngest daughter, the maid of honor, wanted her Gram's address. She bought Halloween cards to mail to her grandmas. Sweet huh. ( She's a college student I want to mention.  A very thoughtful one. )


Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Never Ending......Joy

Yes, I shall call it a joy.... I shall... I will...I am.  
 So far.

I've decided a backyard wedding means more things on my to-do list. But I am doing things that need to be done.

For instance, re-seeding bare spots in the yard. This is large because we took out the dying lilac bush.

Why oh why won't this grass die, or move to the above spot? I do not want it in the rose garden!

Sun rise watering time due to busy week.

I did get help with a 1 inch rain. Thanks God. 

Now, about those seeds sprouting...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Checks and nonsense

Miss Bride has ordered the wedding gowns to come home. She will try them on over Thanksgiving holiday. yippee!!!
I tilled and planted grass seed today. yahoo!!!

I got a good reminder today. When you add more family members, it means you get more people to pray for. This is good. RMG has a test this week, causing him some concern. Add him to your prayer list woncha? thanks

And now for entertainment purposes.
The bride, dressed for halloween a few years ago, at work.

Bride, just being silly. 

Bride joined by cats in hats. 

Cat not in hat. 
Not in the yard either. She left us. :(



"Bah daaa, bah da daaa da daaa...."

Yesterday I went to see my momma and poppa. It had been too many weeks, but they were doing great. Also got to hear the pheasants cackle in the evening. 
My mom was happy to see the wedding gown photos, and ohhed and ahhed over them. Dad did his silent nod approval. Being the loving grandparents they are, they whole-heartedly agree the bride will be beautiful no matter what.

Yesterday FOB (father of the bride) got to see the reception site. He approved and was impressed with it.  yeah! Not that I was concerned, honestly.

Today, MOB, has got to get in the yard, plant some grass seed, decided on tulip placement, etc. One cannot be gone for 3 weeks without some sort of consequences. 

But first, it's on the bike for the 3 1/2 mile ride beside my brown-eyed-handsome-man as he's in training for a run, Oct. 31st. 

Bored? Come on over, we can solve that for ya.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Check and check

Checking off things on the TO-DO  list today.

1. Reception site reserved.
2. Father of the bride agrees to some important items, i.e. photos and food. Followed by this comment.." if this is what she wants, then okay." 

On the personal home front, that same man asked me a question 34 years ago on Oct. 14th. The answer he got was " yes". 
Here's a photo taken of us in Dec. 1976 when we were skinny and brunettes!

 Can you tell I'm still learning how to use the scanner??? 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bridal gown shopping photos

Waiting for the first gown appointment and being amazed at the flowers....taller than the bride. 

 They are prepared for sentimental mom's and brides! We also were given a bottle of water to drink. Very thoughtful.

 The bride's choices to try on. The one on the right has been one she's been admiring for quite awhile, but it did not make the 'cut'. 
The two final candidates are below.

 Choice # 1
 Choice # 2
Remember these are not her correct sizes, so not the most complimentary. The necklace is what she's planning on wearing, hence the dress has to go with it. 

Now for a bit of merriment and nonsense I bring you some of the rejects.
And here we have the self proclaimed "snow beast." 

Lovely, but too much train and lace. "Felt like a tablecloth."

 Actually, I like this one, but aka Bride, too much train and ugly lace down the back.

Too much skirt fullness here. 

You might notice the last two gowns here, are very similar to her two contenders which caused me to think she might be considering either one. But as we walked out with the list of gowns, she mumbled to me " I am not getting ANY of the dresses here." 

okay then. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


And happy to be here. 

Also happy to report my brown-eyed-handsome-man did a great job with the plants and flowers. Everything is still alive. 

good night 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tuesday then Monday

On Tuesday night I will be sleeping in my own bed.
I will be around my own things.
I will have spent almost 4 hours on airplanes to do so.
I will also hug the bride goodbye.
I will most likely get leaky eyes doing so.

It has been a good productive time together. We've accomplished several things....also have many more to go, but so far so good.

Today I got a sweet greeting..." hello, mother of the bride."  It made me smile big and feel ....special.
And now my sweet son-in-love to be is fixing me a cup of tea.
It makes me smile big and feel special.

We're gonna keep him.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

the choices

JCREW bridal gowns Arabella and Goddess are the choses ones.
Check out the website. No sneak previews of the bride..sorry.


That's you.
You are wondering .." well did they find a dress?"

Yes and No

The two she thought she would really like at JCREW, she does. Really...really.  In fact only one of them " made me feel like I was a bride". 
We did keep the appointment with David's Bridal, she endured the foundation* garments for far too long, but none of those dresses spoke to her heart. Rightly so...they were not my daughter-bride. But trying on that assortment of tulle, taffeta and too much fabric helped solidify her heart,.... okay mine,.... on the preferred dress at JCREW.

Now we order the 2 contenders in her correct size, have them sent home by Christmas, if not before, and then she will choose. I think I know the winner....but you never know. It's the one she kept on the longest, twirled and sashayed about in, and those beautiful brown eyes sparkled. Plus it has the funnest hemline and skirt. Full enough to be fun and swishy-twirly, yet romantic, and the teeniest bit of  train. More like the hint of a train. 

And yes, I did get teary eyed, not necessarily at any certain dress, just more over the experience. It was a good day. We were exhausted, however accomplished a lot. 

And got out of the city, before Friday evening rush hour arrived...thanks God.

* in case you don't know, David's Bridal has all brides, regardless of size put on this long line bustier, and girdle-like slip....called the Foundation Garments ( I referred to the bride as "the iron maiden") 
Once she was in them the bride announced.." okay ..the foundation has been laid, bring on the dresses".      

Friday, October 8, 2010

Guess who was a tad excited and didn't sleep a whole lot?

yuppers....Miss Bride.

I slept great, snored and talking in my sleep, aka Bride.

Wedding gown we come.!!!!

and Jesus we ask for your safety as we navigate streets and city unknown, wisdom and joy.
thanks God, you're the best.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


The Bride is excited today.  Her brown eyes are dancing, there's a spring in her step, and she's ready to go wedding gown shopping. We leave at 4 today to drive 5 hrs to be where we need to be. The first appointment tomorrow is at 9:30, then another at 12:30.  Keep your fingers crossed we find a dress. She is hoping to do so. Me too.

I know I will get teary eyed. It's gonna happen, it's okay. Heck I might even start the water works early! Just thinking of that little pink baby,... then determined toddler,..... who grew up to be this independent beautiful woman. 

We're gonna have fun.
We always do.
I am blessed.
the end

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Right where I'm supposed to the Brides! Thursday evening we drive across the state.  The first bridal appointment is Friday at 9:30 a.m.
Until then, I shall recoup from my adventures w/some great friends. We laughed and giggled until the tears rolled down!

Yesterday was a long day on the plane and stops in airports. My layovers were just long enough to do some mighty fast walking from the drop off to nearly the outer edges of Mongolia! My last flight had me on 3 different trams before getting to the right concourse.

Miss Bride and I looked at another magazine today, dog earring pages. She's decided on the cake! Yeah! One thing to cross off as completed.
Also showed me some very innovative, and so not traditional boutineer ideas. Looks like fun, with the little Lego men added in.
Yup, Lego men. You just have to see it, and know RMG.

Speaking of RMG, was grand to give him a hug last night. He's just as handsome as ever, and still making me feel blessed.

I'm sitting on the patio of their rental, trying to warm up in the sun. Kind of hard when it's not even 65 outside. But it sure is pretty, and the squirrels are entertaining.