Thursday, November 10, 2011

rocky recovery far

surgery went great. 
nasty little bone spur was the culprit 
that tore the rotator cuff.

sweet friend took us in her luxury heated seat car.
hubby had been sick w/stomach flu saturday nite.
we welcomed a driver and i welcomed having 
the female factor along.

hubby is good, women nurture better however.

tuesday morning i had let the pain win.
not good. horrid. 
i just sat on the motel bed, weeping and waiting for the meds 
to kick in. all i could say was 'holy. holy.'
pretty sure God understood.
and i have a better realization of what the crucifiction felt like.
don't recommend it. 

had been itchy, 
thought it might be the scrubbing stuff.
then was getting harder to swallow those drugs.
this a.m. decided it was allergic reaction to those drugs.
went to local doc. got steroid shot. 
breathing much better,
throat not swollen,
nasal passages clear,
itchy gone.

yup, i'm allergic to pain meds.

adds new dimension to recovery.

and then my sweet little momma
the cancer and her body are being naughty to her
blood count numbers so low, requiring daily shots. 
daily drive to cancer center. 35 miles one way.

dad drove them last week to chemo.
mom said they drove all over the road.
so, they definitely need a driver.
i'm out of commission,
but thank God for my siblings.

also mom is having tia's. 
those little mini strokes. 

most days if you ask me how my mom is
 this is what i think.
" my mom has cancer. 
my mom is dying."

I may or may not tell you that, 
but its what i think.
she does too. 

good news, she didn't loose as much weight this week.
good news,
i get to take a shower this evening. woo hoo

i call it my
"shower w/a friend." since I cannot do it by myself.

youngest daughter asked 
"who's your friend"
I replied
"your father"

that's funny.