Saturday, February 26, 2011

One to go!

Charming gorgeous sister of the bride and I went shopping today.
Guess who got a new dress?
Yes, of course it's for the wedding.


She tried on several, but when this was on we "knew". 
This was it. 
Looks smashing on her. 
Fits just right in all the right places. 
Is fun and classy at the same time. 

She's happy. 
I'm happy.
Betting Bride will be happy (relieved) too.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

oh caterer oh caterer.....

I hope you retuurnnn
my phone message.
Please don't delaaay...
I need to knooow 
If you will beeee
there for the 'show'.
Oh caterer oh caterer
please call me back
we want you. 

( sing to the tune of "oh tannebaum")

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

barbie cakes

Chatting on the cell phone w/Miss Bride yesterday was fun.
I was telling her about these really pretty garden stakes I found. 
Thinking they might be used for the wedding,  FOB and I bought them, without asking the Bride. ( chancy I know)
Our phone reception was sketchy. 
When I said garden stakes, she didn't hear me correctly. 
Knowing we were taking chances I was a bit anxious.

I'm waiting for her to comment. 
She's not.
I begin to describe them. 
She's still quiet.

I get a response.
"oh you said GARDEN STAKES!
I heard barbie cakes
and thought you had completely lost your mind!!"

Below are the "barbie cakes"

Monday, February 21, 2011

sidewalk times 2?

Loving this springtime weather.
Feeling the need to be productive.
Adding more bricks, per Brides suggestion.

Plotting and planning on the best way.

Shoveling required.

 Warm enough to take off the jacket.

Finished product.

One more project completed! YES!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

MOB dress

Back to the drawing board for my dress for the wedding.
I've ordered 5 and they are all going back. 

Shopping trip ahead. 
Sure hope the stores have their spring line out!.

Friday, February 18, 2011

april showers

Parties are being planned. 
Flights are being made.
This little girl will be there;

Bride at 1 year

 She flys home for 2 bridal showers the first weekend in April. 
One at home,
the other given by sweet friends in W-town.
The end of April I fly to Bride for her local church shower. 

I'm often in awe at Bride's creativity.
She enhanced our valentine envelope.

Lots of thank you notes ahead.
Will they get the same?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

flower wrangler


The busiest days for a florist remind me of a rodeo sometimes. There isn’t competition per se, except to complete orders rapidly and beautifully.
But the interruption of phones, walk in customers,  temporary employees, add to the intensity of the event.

I have a stack of orders on my clipboard waiting to be done. Currently working on one or more arrangements. The phone rings, “ I need this by 12:30”. Hmmm, okaaaay,… sigh,….. we can do it. Then the man at the counter is on his lunch break, he has 5 minutes. “ I just need SOMEthing. I‘ll wait for it.”
The boss slinks back to my work station, sheepishly asking if I have time for this? Mostly I can say yes. Once the order is determined the time clock starts. Tick tick tick tick…. Get the container, add the water and or floral foam, get and insert greenery, being sure to snip off injured leaves. Next up, flowers. Get them de-leafed if needed, determine height, location, insert in arrangement-to-be. Next flower, same treatment. And so on, until the design is complete. Don’t forget the enclosure card and pic, flower food. Spray certain flowers w/an additional preservative. Lay down your tools and walk calmly and serenely back to your waiting customer…. or the boss.

Sometimes I just feel like that calf-roping cowboy in the ring. Yah know when he’s got that cow tied down and he tosses up his hands signaling completion? The timer sounds. The crowd cheers. He set a new record. Woo hoo! Look at that! He did it! Everyone is happy. (well maybe not the cow).

That’s me. I’m the flower wrangler in the three ring circus of a flower shop, competing against the clock…deadlines…interruptions…people…buckets of product….scraps of flowers on the floor….achy feet….woozy from the fumes of Leaf Shine….

But when I’ve met that deadline….. Wow…. I just feel the urge to toss my hands up like that cowboy.  Woo hoo! Look at that! She did it!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I got these beautys last Thursday from my valentine.

 Even this florist likes to get flowers.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

If the wedding were today

we would be serving coffee, tea, mittens, and blankets.

 Bride and RMG will be standing here in between these rose bushes.

 Some lucky guests will have this view, while standing on the patio. Wear your boots though, because it's about 6 inches deep still.

 Others will want to wear snowsuits and sun visors, too.

 But this spot, however, will not be used..because it's ....secret. : )

We would also be serving cake. 
Birthday cake for my dad.
He is 82 today. 
And still handsome. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"the north wind doth blow

and we shall have snow.."

I've made it a 'do nothing' day.
It makes up for the way too busy day yesterday, 
which left me with a headache this morning.

whine whine whine,

I am however sighing and scheming over the lovely flower gardens from the stack of magazines.
and the birds outside my picture window are a joy. 
I've tossed out extra food even.

oh my!

okay I like the birds just fine until they think they can fly in to the house, via that lovely picture window. 
I think there's been 3 birds in the past hour. 
Now who has the headache?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2 hour phone call

Just got off the phone with Miss Bride. 
I am so thankful for good cell phone plans,
computer technology, and the father of the bride, my brown eyed handsome hubby, who works hard to pay for these innovations.

He's getting his money's worth!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday adventures

I convinced the hubby to help me load and unload another round of bricks. Last weeks sidewalk is done. Maybe.
Started expanding another one. Silly ground is not cooperating. Crazy winter.

Okay, MOB dress update. The first 2 dresses have arrived.
and they will be going back. 
One too low neckline,
the other has gorgeous it.
But the fit is wrong. Was made for midgets.
I'm not.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a variety of storms


the wind is wicked
the wind is strong
the wind has blown
all night long

Working on guest list for local bridal shower. 
Cross referencing that with wedding guests list.
Trying not to cross my eyes ! 

Ordered 3 more dresses and one skirt for me to consider.
All 3 dresses are back ordered. sigh....
figured to get my name 'in the pot' asap. 
The wedding is more casual so
my options are too.

miss bride graciously told me.."you will be beautiful in whatever you wear mama. I just want you to have something fun." 
Soo...the skirt I ordered has some sparklys on it... just  a fun sprinkling of razzle.