Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the road .....again.

Two days ago, I returned from an adventure to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The changing leaves and colors were magnificent.
Maybe it should be a Fall wedding instead?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will he or won't he?

My brown-eyed-handsome man. Will he water the pots and flower beds?

I think he will, because he knows it's important to keep the plants healthy since we have a wedding next spring.  Besides, he did cut down some trees, because it's important. They were causing too much shade, and clogging up the gutters.

 I promised to make him a watering schedule. He promised to follow it. That's pretty good after 33 years of marriage I think. 

Time to get this thing packed because.....
 ......tomorrow I fly west, so I can be in the east!

And on MONDAY, I fly west again to see the Bride and RMG!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

roses planted- check, .....

My roses are planted. I even saved a spot for the huppa, for whenever this is all determined. Or is it already, Miss Bride?
Creeping phlox planted today, hosta's moved to new spot. 
Tulips, iris, etc going in the ground the middle of Oct. Also grass seed to be planted then. whew..
anybody wanna come help? 
I would post photos, but the moon isn't bright enough currently. 

Am under-the-gun a bit here, because of adventures on my horizon. Many days worth of adventures. ....getting to see some fall foliage soon w/my sister. Yeah! 
Next, to party with my good friend celebrating her 50th year, and then...... off to see the bride!!! We shall drive Renaissance Man Groom crazy with the planning and such. 

In the words of Tigger, TTFN

Monday, September 20, 2010

It did my heart grand!

Recently the bride was in the state for a short fast visit. I hightailed myself up to give that hug. Also got to see her siblings..triple yeah!!!

We had a great and my "ducks". Even though it was only a 3 hour visit w/all of them, it was worth the 3 hour drive for me. 

Later the bride and I stayed w/her sweet sweet friend and her hubby. Their gift of hospitality is evident in many generous ways, and that blue eyed man makes a great breakfast! The sweetest part of our visit was the tiny little hostess, the lady of the house, who has one of the biggest hearts. She was bubbling with excitement for the bride, and asked an important question. " What is the one thing you want to be perfect for the wedding? The one thing that will upset you if it doesn't go right? Focus on that and don't worry about the rest."
good thinking.

This darling hostess had gifts for the bride. The kind that are very heartfelt, and made us all get teary eyed. However when the bride asks the hostess to be an attendant in the wedding.,,,,, we let the tears fall. It was sweet. She was genuinely honored. What a tender memory I'll have for a long long time.

I need to remember it's those sweet times that balance out the crazy times of planning, and then the doing. 

Speaking of doing, gotta get those roses in the ground this week before I head off on an adventure.  

But today I sing another song...."hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goddess Gathering

These " goddesses" dined with me today. 

My mom, sister and aunti.

Even though it was a bit warm they wanted to dine outside. Said they felt like they were in the Provence of France. Sweet.

We ate chicken veggie salad.

For entertainment I showed them some of these
 Vintage tablecloths we plan to use at the wedding reception. 
Grandma and the Aunti's oohhed and ahhhed appropriately. Aunti C. found several she wouldn't mind owning.    : )

  I also showed them the bridal gowns online that our Bride has been eyeing. fyi..they all really like the one with the bell sleeves, and then another on Helene Bridal, one of the drapey v's. There were others too, like the lacey long ones.
But they also said the Bride will be beautiful regardless of the dress.

 It was a fun to share the wedding-dreaming-scheming with them. 

Now... I am ready for a nap.....will drag off to zumba anyway.... There's wedding pictures next May!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

"Anticipation... keepin' me waaaaiiitin'."

In a few days I get to give the Bride a hug. Remember not so long was a strong desire for me. 
Just wanted you to's gonna happen!!! 
I shall try not to bog her down with wedding questions, but I hope to remember to take the 3,... yes, three,... bridal magazines to her. 

"an stay right here...cause these are the good ole days".
thankyou Carly Simon.


Friday, September 10, 2010

More wedding fun

I spent some time online looking at wedding gowns w/Bride. Her tastes have not changed too much. She's enamored with the v-neck simple designs, a fitted waist, full length. Also entertaining ideas of some strapless with lace all over. Rather vintage-ish. We looked at Helene Bridal, mainly, and one at Davids Bridal. We go real shopping next month when I travel to her state. Yippee and hoorah!!!

Then she sent me the previews of save-the-dates, and wedding invite.
VERY lovely. They are simple in design, having leaves or vines on them. So very much the Bride.

I will tell you, seeing my brown-eyed-handsome-man's name and mine on a wedding invite as the parents is a little..... emotional. Happy emotional, maybe a bit tender even, brought a bit of leakiness to the eyes.  Happy though.

We've heard a few opinions re: the wedding location. Don't forget to share yours. Bride, the Colorado brother has shared his even!!! I know wow huh?
Planting needs to happen SOON, so don't hesitate too long. 


Thursday, September 9, 2010


We have the location! Our backyard. Guess my plant shopping is on track. Yee ha!

There are 2 possible options. I shall post them, and you can 'voice' your thoughts. 

Option #1
 These are the "stinky" pear trees where the first photo was taken of the B. and RMG. Aside from the sentimentality here, the Bride loves trees, leaves.  Of course the birdhouse and current plant life will be relocated. And grass seed planted.

Option #2
This requires your imagination. Visually move the arbor ( arch thingy) over to where the white chair is residing. Got it? 
Once again, grass and plants would be adjusted as needed. 

Several years ago, my brown-eyed-handsome man gave this arbor to me as an anniversary gift. I could choose between this one, and a smaller, seat-less one. In the interest of $$$ I chose the other. Well.. he wanted me to have this one, because.." you can sit and rest when you get tired."   :) 
Sentimentality running rampant in the options huh?

Give us your thoughts, we listen. 
However the decision always belongs to the Bride.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've been informed B and RMG have chosen, officially, the wedding date. 
 Sunday May 29th  in the evening.  Location I don't know. 

Just in case, last week I bought some grass seed. It's supposed to work in every area..shade, sun, weeds, rocky..... probably doesn't work too well still sitting in the garage....

For some reason plants began jumping in to my cart. Ground covers, roses, peonies, oh my!

I really enjoy yard work. It's a joy. So even if the wedding isn't problem-o....this is my hobby. And the idea of maybe a backyard wedding..just gives me the excuse to "play more in the yard."