Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My cousin wanted a wedding 'story'.

How about this one..
It was HOT AND WINDY. blah . We were taking the pre-wedding pics in the shade, of course. Bride and RMG had been outside long enough, but it was time for our family photo. There I am, all dressed up in my pretty green dress, snazzy laquered-down hair, with sweat forming oceans under my slip.
Gotta keep on.
I'm walking back to the photography spot happy as can be. Honest. Next thing I know... my right ankle turns in a  hole Patches had thoughtfully dug, and THE ONE I didn't get filled in. I see the ground coming toward me. ...whoops...this isn't a good thing!. So I landed on my left knee and hand as gracefully as possible. Was very happy I managed to keep from doing a side roll thing and flashing the photographers and all the window watchers. 
Then as gracefully as possible...I got up. The entire time, there stands bride,
FOB, probably RMG and the 2 photographers...I'm wondering why someone is not helping me get up!.

Guess it happened so fast.. I heard this comment" I wondered what you were doing!"

Well. I managed to smile through the pics, called for naproxen and requested the physical therapist, who was one of the bridesmaids to be on hand. Then I limped in to the house, decided my lower back hurt the most.  My son gave me another set of drugs... being a chemist he knows what I can mix  safely.
Ended up in my room, with the pt..B and her sister A, asking questions, having me bend, and B did the necessary assessment and treatment.
She got me able to move again with limited pain, I shed a few tears of frustration and pain....
and then of course
on with the show!!!!

Tuesdays ramblings about Sunday's adventure

On a very windy, hot Sunday evening, one new family was created, and two families joined. The temperature had reached over 100 degrees, and the south wind added to the challenges. Also kept our bodies a bit cooler.
My little woodland faerie/greek goddess Bride wearing a family heirloom turquoise necklace and a garland of yucca blossoms and boston fern frond in her hair married her Sweet Baboo!
RMG, my favorite son-in-love, was oh so handsome in his dark dress pants, silver shirt and turquoise tie and pocket square. He did take off his suit coat, due to heat, and the accessory-sling for the ceremony however...I think. 
Under the huppah, that had a white sheer drape taking sail in the 35 mph wind, they promised to love and support one another, yata yata yata. 
Fortunately the wedding was on the north side of the house and it was a south wind.  
For me, the ceremony went too fast, of course. But it was lovely. 
Amazingly, we broke with tradition...I know you're surprised huh?
Bride stood on the left with her attendants standing on the right and her family sitting on the right. 
You wanna know why? Because at EVERY wedding I've ever attended I always felt bad for the parents. They couldn't see their childs face. Bride and I had discussed this and determined to change that. Also she wanted to see her attendants, their responses and visual support for herself and for RMG and his family to have the same. Worked perfectly...you might give it some thought to the next wedding you plan. 

to be continued....

Monday, May 30, 2011

okay, okay

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. ( that happens later this week)
As to wedding photos....gonna have to wait on others to share with me because I was having too much fun to snap up memories of my own. 
Many of you have suggested I take a nap. 
what a lovely thought. 
Funny thing about weddings... all that stuff you had to do before...well now it has to be un-done! 
My dining room table is still loaded with... 
wedding cake, 
yucca blossoms, 
wilting brides bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets, 
water bottles, 
a basket of eco-fetti, boxes of assorted wedding stuff. 
The living room is blessed with wedding gifts, 
the garage is blessed with tubs and boxes of decor stuff to sort and return to rightful owners, 
fridge is STUFFED with left overs from feeding 20 some people for 3 days.

We had 2 amazing crews of friends help take down and put away the chairs. Others were finishing the reception take down, and then woo hoo....these hungry helpers stopped in to snack, lunch and hope to see Bride and RMG. 

There were a few lucky lingerers who got to see the wedding gift opening. 
Bride and I went to both venues to do final check making sure we had gotten everything....while guess what others did?

This is the job, blessing, curse, reality of mom of bride and bride. NO one works on this event as much as you. True story, reality, accept it.
And it's okay. 
all a matter of how you choose to see things
Get upset and frustrated or just do it and be greatful.

We've had tons of help and all was needed.

Nap, well not yet. But it's still on the list. 

mondaymay 30

we had fun!!!
wish you could have been there.

got "a bit"of clean up to do today...
hahahahaha... a bit is such a joke.

but we have fun. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have a minute

here's a few photos of rehearsal
for the Texas relatives and Finlanders too.

 charming and delightful sister
 bride and rmg
bridal party wearing mustaches!!!

this is it!

we are happy.
we are anticipating a beautiful day.

many hands make lite work..

okay.... mob  and bride still work like dogs...but we still need all the help and support we've been given.

and we appreciate it immensely 
 weather forecast if for high winds.... etc.

hmmmmm....wonder what God has in mind.

as a mob you need to be prepared to
loose things...like your sanity, favorite scissors,
control of kitchen,( wahoo) , and sense of privacy if the wedding is in your backyard, sleep, and more than i can recall.

you will gain a new son, his family and friends, hi A. and L.
other new friends...like the ones who came from the coast...hi S and T.   Also sweet memories 

am to my cinderella work.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

you wouldn't believe it

So very many helping hands today. Both venues are decorated perfectly. Very sweet. I feel we have captured Bride's dream.

Both families have pitched in tremendously, along with numerous friends making it extremely manageable for all of us.

56 minutes until rehearsal supper so i need to rest.

oh i did hole the Baby of Joy and Delight for 30 minutes. We kicked back in the recliner and rested. Everyone else buzzed around us. 

just what the doc. ordered. 

what day is it?

I asked my son. He said "Friday, soon to be Saturday."
Most of the time today I knew it was Friday... but this evening, it just got blurry.

All bridal party members and long distance guests have arrived and they know where their beds are. Not gonna say they are all in them. :)

today we,.... okay the corporate we :
got the wedding gown hemmed, my slip fixed,

various dress shirts washed and ironed?
rest of the punch made,
lists made,
yucca collected, 
corsages made,
2 meals cooked and cleaned up
answered a hundred questions,
chatted w/the missing framily members via skype,
hey you gorgeous Fins. Photo to haunt you later on here. :)
I'm sure we did more..
oh...the FOB mowed all the yards, 
3 people did the grocery run, 30 miles away. yes we live that far from a 'real' grocery store. 
Here's a cute story. One of the brides guests, who obviously is a city boy, inquired about wi fi. Bride said...nope. He said, "that's ok. I'll just go to a Starbucks or Panera!" 
You need to know they are both 3 hours away....in the town he lives in.!!! Bless his heart.

This evening the lovely women who were here all gathered in the backyard for some lady time. We told how we knew/met the bride and a fond memory. Lots and lots of glorious giggles. In fact my good friend and I learned a few stories from/about our daughters childhoods hyjinks...we didn't know. kids are kids

We are happy our Hoosier Framily is getting to meet the current states framily, and vice versa. Would be a sad thought to celebrate this event with out any of them.

I only got to hold the Baby of Joy and Delight for maybe 5 minutes. Tomorrow I need to do better.

Now it's officially Saturday...I need to go to bed.

Friday, May 27, 2011

bodies, bags, baby and bride

With 9 1/2 bodies residing in our compact home, it's allows for creativity to house all the stuff. 
 3 to a bed!
 others 'ousted' to the yard
 bags tucked in every corner

 dining room table almost to its max
 delightful daughters being sassy

 Baby of Delight and Joy arrived wearing this shirt 
in honor of her great aunti (me)
 Here she is w/her Nana the next morning 
looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.
 It's been a long...okay well maybe never....time
since our garage had a stroller in it. 
 Wednesday evening play time with just my 3 biological kids.
We were waiting on the Framily to arrive and needed to keep busy.

 Impressive kids huh?

 marking the hem for the wedding gown.
the 'hemstress' is the momma of the brides oldest friend.
you know the one she's known since they were 3.
 Bride admiring her 'prince charming'. 
" I know you...I danced with you once upon a dream" 
Laa daaa daaaa dahdahdah dah daaaaa dee dee
dee dee de dedum...
And I know it's true..that visions are seldom what they seem.
 I know you what you'll do
You'll love me at once
The way you did once
 upon a dream"

The dream day is coming up darling bride.
I know it will be fun

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The Framily arrived last night about 10:30 pm. Such joy to have them all here.
Today we've planted some, the boys got the solar fountain, fire pit, and other stuff assembled.
Patches the dog has escaped twice this evening...but we leave the gate open and she comes home. 
Bride is exhausted and needs to rest....the details of it all are numerous. I find myself going in to protective mode for/with her. Don't want my baby to be too worn out to enjoy the day that most girls spend a lifetime dreaming about.

But this afternoon for a few hours we played dress-up!
She put on her bridal gown for the Aunti to mark for hemming and enjoyment with the framily. Was fun girl time.
I put on my dress to make sure it still fits, gotta fix my slip...again.
The oldest friend of bride showed us her dress options...we liked them both.
The Baby of Joy and Delight has been just that. She coo-ed and talked to me this morning with big grins and eyebrow wiggling. 

And the meals are marvelous. 

Tomorrow is flower time, collecting the yuccas, making corsages and bridesmaid bouquets, and who knows what else.
Probably make more punch. 

I just rocked the baby to sleep.....good therapy for me.

Forecast is almost 100 degrees for Sunday. Lord, cool it down some please.

The days are going double -time like I knew they would. 
Today we've all laughed, teased each other, and just had fun.
This framily is so very dear to us, we have so much history, and lots of love. I can just sit in the room listening and watching these adult kids. Gives me joy, fills my emotional cup to over flowing.

The matriarch of this framily and I went to the garden center planning of finding a drapey plant to conceal a utility thing mounted on the house. No luck, but we did come up with a beautiful mix of red geraniums, purple verbena, and pink petunias. All put in a wall basket. It will hang on the back door, right by where everyone enters.
We also put a pot of red geraniums in the old teal colored bicycle basket. Looks so cute. 

The girls are camping out in the backyard tonite. Setting up the tent, rounding up the sleeping bags. It's a cool night so those will feel good.

 You know you're having fun when you keep thinking...' we need to do this more often.' Of our 6 kids between us, after Sunday, only 2 will be the married ones. 
thanks God, for the gift of time with framily.

Tomorrow the brides attendants all arrive by evening so it's gonna be another round of joy.

good nite.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tuesday has come and gone.
I went to my great uncle's funeral.
Remembered all the verses to the song "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder".
You wanted to know that right?
Was interesting to be at a funeral on my birthday. My great uncle lived 99 years. I turned 53 yesterday..so thinking I have another half of my life to live. woo hoo!!!! 
My dad was an honorary pall bearer and he gave the blessing at the family dinner. Was nice to hear him pray. I didn't realize I haven't heard that in quite awhile. Just blessed me. 
Also liked being with extended family. 
Had a great chat with a cousin. We talked farming and parents. 
Our dads are brothers and he just recently had to put his parents in the nursing home. We understand each others journeys.

Bride and I did massive grocery shopping. 
"money money money mo--ney....muuuneeyyy!"

She bought me a fire pit for my birthday.
I've wanted one for several years.
thanks honey-bride.

She also skyped with friends last night. 
 They got a yard tour.

The wind began to blow in the afternoon and has not stopped.
Changed directions as we see the same tumble weeds blow back by.
Today is overcast and cool.
We have been blessed because those tornadoes are not stopping.
My heart is sad for those who are having them, for sure. And yesterdays were a mere 2 hours from us...but so far...it's just wind.

This morning my daughters and I got nails done. woohoo.

I even got the shellac stuff on my fingernails. 
It was a bday gift from a good friend. 
Seems to be good stuff. 
I've cleaned 2 bathrooms, swept floors and raked a bit in the yard. Nails are doing grand!!!

Today the chef has begun. 

to not have to worry about lunch. 
Charming and delightful sister of the bride is in charge of cooking for the next several days. She volunteered.
She's a good cook, and enjoys it. 
Frees me up for other stuff.

Bride vacuumed the house, added leaves to the table, hauled stuff to the 'wedding room', and a jillion other things.

We get the daily call from Grandma wanting the latest.
I know she kind of wishes to be part of the festivities here, 
just to be around family and such. However I know the craziness and constant hustle and bustle is too much....so she calls for updates,
and gets excited about stuff.

My friends are being the great women they are and offering many things. I'm learning to take them up on it, even. 
Bride said after lunch.." boy..it's just great to have good caring friends."
amen honey pot. 

My son called in his birthday greetings yesterday and gave me a bit of surprise.
He's coming home tonight. He wasn't to be in until Friday evening. 
Mainly because earlier he had grumbled about thinking about all the stuff we have to do and would need to be done...yatayata...
but now he's realizing he's also missing out on some of the memory making, and bonding time. 
Plus good friends from east of the Mighty Mississippi will be arriving tonight. These aren't just friends. They are family.
Framily as I once referred to them.
These are the ones with the 2 month old baby girl. We are excited!
And yes, we know we'll all get to hear her express herself..but it's a baby. The baby of Bride's friend since they were 3. 
I'm teary and excited all at the same time.

Anyway....all the beds will be full here. 
Brother knows this and volunteered to sleep on the couch even,  just to not miss out. 
I like that.

signing off....until we meet again....

Monday, May 23, 2011

whew- Monday is over

This evening we worked on getting Bride's vision for the famous-huppah decorated.
(Also on the headpiece for bride....a few more kinks there)
I think we're on the right track, huppah-wise.
Took some adjustments from what her original plan was. 
But we're there.
And...I no longer have curtains in the living room... :)

Some of our trees and bushes will get a 'trim' and get to be on the huppah. 
It's going to be pretty.
I had fun watching Brides face. 
At first there was a bit of frustration, surrounded by determination. 
She knew this was what she had to work with..
Once we got on the right track, she responded  with a soft quiet voice...
" oh momma! I think....wow."
Those chocolate brown eyes got misty, the smile tender.
What joy for me to see this take place. 
Fun of course to see it coming together, but most importantly, to see her joy, appreciation and excitement.
We worked until it was too dark.

Tomorrow is hair cut for her.
I will attend a celebration of life service for a great uncle. 
He was 99 yrs old.

Then will meet up with one or both the girls to get the groceries.
Might even take 2 carts. 
Isn't it wonderful we have these options?
The ability to purchase not only what we need, but what we want too.

God is good. 

the Real Post for Monday!

I made this list this morning.
After I folded 3 loads of laundry,
washed & dried sheets, re-made my bed,
helped Bride make decisions,
approved charming-and-delightful 
sister-of-bride's weeks menu,
and I breathed.
  Then I sat down to make lists for each day, 
start supply lists for each venue,
and I'm having fun checking off the completed things!!!
Makes me feel like I'm
gettin' stuff done.

 The menu along with special instructions.
My fav is when the chef wrote,
" If you do not like any of these meals, there are 2 places to eat in town. I am not a short order cook!" 
FOB has been busy today too. 
He made from scratch my birthday cake.
 and frosting.

Also got some yucca stems so I can see if 
they'll hold up, and be useable.

 we moved the piles of wedding stuff from 
the bedrooms which are filling up w/bodies.

 Okay...so these peonies did not wait for this weekend,
so we'll just enjoy them now.

See that lone chair?
It's for me. 
Everyone else gets to stand!!!
That way we'll have room for 
all 207 that have rsvp'd!

okay... believe what you want.
but I wouldn't be late if you wanna sit in a chair..
just sayin'.

wedding count down-Monday

makes lists
do as much as humanly possible,


My girlies are HOME!

They got in around 6:30 this evening. 

Later Bride and I spent many hours outside,,just talking and enjoying the backyard and stars. Anticipating our guests coming, and all the fun ahead.
She liked the green grass and blooming flowers, too.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

I said NO

I did.
I told my hubby, " no, I cannot do it all. 
I am staying home today." 

 and I got a two hour nap! 
( did you just hum..." a three hour tour,, a three hour tour")
well now you are. hahahahha

High school graduation is happening in our humble village this weekend. We are blessed to be included in many of these kid's lives, and invited to their receptions. I was giving the momma's hugs and support. 
Graduations are like weddings...it's a milestone in your 'babys' life. Changes are coming. 
Good changes, usually. 
Hearts need to adjust, but those kids will be alright. 
You did a great job families. 
Just keep those prayers going and communication lines open.

I can honestly say... I'm feeling 'ready' for next week. 
A two hour nap does that to ya!

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
la da da dee dee dum....
.......hmmmm hmmm hum hum hum..
a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

you are most welcome. : 0

Midnight Adventures

Nothing like those middle of night phone calls to get the heart pumping. (And for me they often cause mental confusion if I was asleep.)
Long story shorter, RMG injured his shoulder playing ultimate frisbee w/friends. 
His parents were trying to get in touch w/Bride.
remember she's driving home. 
They couldn't get her, so got in touch w/us.
Unfortunately, Brides, phone was dead, BUT charming and delightful sisters was working. 
Phone calls were made all around. The girls stopped in Billings for the night. 
Have since learned RMG possibly has a torn ligament or sprained ligament from shoulder blade to clavicle. 
He flys home tomorrow, sporting a new sling. woo hoo!!!!

We are in the countdown!
Lord please keep them all safe
and the rest of us sane. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

I quit earlier today.

Due to things coming along nicely in the yard,
I am currently sitting in the recliner, feet up, watching Mama Mia!
I was more than ready for a break.

My traveling daughters are enroute to home, FOB and I have a wedding to attend tomorrow. Okay,..I'm attending, he's officiating.
Then only a gazillion graduation receptions this weekend. 

The yard got mowed and I'm pleased with the way things are coming together. This evening around 7 I looked outside to see where the sun was shining. A few guests will be looking in to the sun, for a bit, but not too long. 
No wind, blue sky, would have been a lovely evening for a wedding. The 10 day forcast says a high of 78, 10% chance of rain and a few clouds. That too, sounds like a good day for the wedding. 

It will be here soon.

good night


Thursday, May 19, 2011

up and down adventures

Remember Sister of bride was flying today? She has spent 9 plus hours stranded in Denver. Her first flight was unable to land due to storms. Consequently she missed her connecting flight this morning. 
Currently she is standing in line to get on her alternate flight. It has been a llloooonnngg day for her. We were both up by 4:45 this a.m. and neither of us have gotten a nap.

Mid-day, I was blessed with a luncheon with amazing women, tasty food, and lots of giggles. Perfect!

Then back to real life, yard work, stranded daughter, lists.

This evening I was feeling content with the yard, even if it's not mowed yet. Decided to take some pics. 
Keeping my fingers crossed the
peonies hold off another 9 days.

Been adding edging bricks.The grass
never did cooperate here.

 Tossed in some pots for flavor.

Had bricks left..so surrounded some more.

 more of the same

 I still find these interesting,
even after the buds are done.
cayenne pepper sprinkled in
to keep the cat from napping here.

About 20 minutes AFTER I took the pics
I noticed the sky was greenish.
Being raised on a farm, I knew that meant trouble.
yes, folks,
I was scrambling around the yard, slipping
out of my soggy sandals 
desperately trying to save my plants.
Patches was the supporting cast member
because she would show me her spots of safety.
My jacket was drenched, body stinging due to hail stones
and hubby said."it's over".

It wasn't.
But was more rain than not.
thanks God.

 White stuff are hail stones.
  and more of 'em.

See how big some of them were?
Fortunately, minimal damage.
thankyou God.

Okay...f i n a l l y.....got the text...baby sister is on her plane.
Still has a 2 hour flight ahead. It's almost 11pm aka her body.
We were trying to do a helpful thing for Bride and give her someone to help drive with, because RMG wasn't leaving as early as she. 
However, due to all the issues Charming Sister has had today....and then discovering RMG changed his plans and is flying home early...
well honestly folks. It was one more thing in a day of many things.
Would have saved lots of time and $$$$ if Bride and RMG could have traveled together.
But...there's lots to learn in relationships. And we've all had the opportunities for personal growth..... especially me today. 
no one promised me a rose garden, 
just accept the ability to learn as I go.

Here's hoping you're 'thorny' days are productive too.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well actually it's busy days...from here on out.
My favorite slave-sister was here today.

 Notice her " chair " it's
a half bag of mulch!
Patches was in charge of quality control.

We pulled weeds, planted annuals, potted plants, 
spread mulch, planted more annuals 
 Okay, it was only half a recipe, but just as tasty.
Our candle-math strikes again.
Can you guess her age.
It involves some subtraction at first,
then addition.
Guess who just ate it from the pan!!!

We're gonna see this in a few short hours.

The moon.
Charming and delightful sister of the bride
is flying out of our local airport at.. 6:30 A.M.
tomorrow to help Bride drive back.
It will take about 2 1/2 days of steady driving.
See why we usually fly?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Charming and Delightful Sister

 here's Miss Bride with her much loved baby sister 
who is only 1 day old.

And much anticipated birthday girl 
with one of her 'adopted older sisters'.
Who is bringing her new baby to visit us!
 Our birthday girl doing a bit of cupboard cleaning.
She did that very often. Must be why she's so organized now!
bunny slippers are always in style
 Daddy, dancing with one of his brown eyed girls.
 4 generations of grand women!
one of her favorite places 
This was when she LOVED to wear dresses.
Okay..only 2 dresses and they both 
had dalmatians on them!
Doncha love the shoes, but especially 
her hands on her mouth.

Her 3rd birthday cake she dropped.
I promise this years cake won't look like this.
Happy birthday darling daughter. 
Can't wait to see you.