Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As far as wedding gown shopping and buying go...

They have been very accommodating from the get-go. Not only did we get to order the dresses with the option to send them back...

Now, they've delighted me again. 
The chosen dress has a very stuck zipper, and the bodice on the left side keeps turning under showing the lining. I was thinking I would have to get this fixed myself. 
Bride suggested sending the gown back.( as she pulled her suitcase out the door, leaving.) Later, I ran the concept past a good friend, and she helped me process my options. 

Ended up calling the company, told them the zipper problem, and you know what they said? 

thank you J CREW !!!!



We know a darling little girl who is intrigued by the wedding. 
Her momma sent us some of the conversations being held in their home. 
I had to tell you that you (Bride) are the hot topic of our daily discussions here.
"Mommy, does the bride have a husband?"
"Why are they engaged?"
"Does she have a boyfriend?"
"What will they do when they get married?"
"Why are they getting married?"
I'm guessing we can add about a hundred questions to the list before we reach May 29th. 

She recognizes Bride from pictures, but yesterday wanted to see a picture of RMG So I showed her one on facebook, and left it on the computer screen so she could look at it while I was doing something else. A minute later she came to the kitchen and looked very unhappy:"    "Mommy, Bride's boyfriend disappeared. Please help!"     I had such a hard time keeping my face straight. 

 I love this. It goes in my treasuring-pondering-momma-mind. 

Tender hugs to this mom and daughter. Keep 'em coming!

Monday, November 29, 2010


....we forget what our wedding roles are.....

 Charming and delightful sister of the bride got us sashes!

This will very likely be the face I have the whole month of May!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Miss Bride has chosen the gown!
It's the one that was my favorite, 
now obviously hers too. 

I'll tell/show you when I have permission. 

: )

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


taking my family and going to the mountains.

a big surprise for you...

when we get back.

happy thanksgiving 
thanks God for life, good health, loving kids and community. 
my parents are both still living, and I have the bestest sister in the whole world. love you dearly Bird. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I went to sleep at 10. Woke up around 11:30, wondering why. Our bedroom door opens, a brown haired beauty sticks her head in whispering, 
" Mom? Mom? ....... I think I made my dress choice."
I can see enough of her to know which dress she has on. But I get up to see better. She's beaming, glowing in her room in front of the full length mirror.
Those chocolate brown eyes have gotten a bit dewy as she stands there and says, " I feel like a bride."
She looks like a bride. 
We get the necklace and it looks just a lovely as we remember. The dress fits great, just a little long.

She had already put the other dress on, but did again for me. It's nice too. Needs pressed and some alterations on the bodice though. 

Bride asks me which is my favorite. I keep quiet. Finally she realizes I"m not going to tell her. I am not wanting my preferences to influence what her heart says. 

Honestly, she is beautiful in either one. They both have their strong points, and for different reasons, but all good ones.

Here's the kicker, once she has the other dress on with the necklace, she's back to being undecided. 

...so no decision has been made...yet.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Picked up the bride.
Met RMG's mom. She's a sweetie.
Did a bit of wedding necessities shopping w/Bride.
Planning a spring weekend for her to come home for bridal showers. 
Played and practiced on the dulcimer while...she is cleaning out some dresser drawers!!!
Triple yeah and yahoo!!!

fyi... it was 75 degrees outside at home and 35 degrees outside where I picked up Miss Bride. All in the same state. 
We are content to be back in the warmer area. 

And no...I didn't talk her in to trying on those bridal gowns yet. 
Well, she's been home for....only 4 hours. : )

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hubby and I visited his sweet mom today. 
She asked an important question re: the wedding.
"What kind of dress should I wear? 
Will this be formal?
Do I need a long dress?"

I said "I'm not planning on wearing a long dress.
Not formal, more like nice church dress...
you can wear slacks if you prefer."

"Oh good!" replied the relieved Gram.


The happy couple are ready for turkey time with their families. 
Very soon to be on that plane going east. 

Tomorrow I drive to RMG's family home to bring Miss Bride home. It's only 4 hrs...one way.
They won't be having turkey together.
I informed RMG I was not sharing the bride this holiday season. 
Guess he's having fun telling that story. 

Makes me smile. 

Oh!! I just got this text from Bride,
" on the plane sitting next to my sweet baboo, headed HOME!" 

Please Lord, keep them safe.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


I look out and see a backyard covered in sparkly white crystals. Nearly all the annuals have given in to Jack Frost.

However, the snapdragons carry on. 

Reminding me of the Bride's oldest friend. 
They met when they were almost 3yrs old. 
Have remained friends all these years.
Pledged to be in each others weddings. 
That promise was kept in 2006, and now again in May 2011.

They are 4 in this photo.

Back to the snapdragons. 

If I remember correctly, they are the favorite flower of this friend.
The phone call we got announcing her engagement also told about her fiancee giving her flowers with snapdragons in them, and " he didn't even know they are my favorite!"

I like the fact the snapdragons in the yard are sticking around, just like the friend in the heart. 

Decision Made

Miss Bride called to say she was purchasing the garlands. 
She chose bronze-y gold laurel leaf.
Sparkly dew drops!
Can you figure those 2 out from the photos?

She also said to me, "in a week do you know where I will be?   HOME!!!!"
This coming Sunday, actually.
I know she'll be trying on the wedding gowns, and hoping to come to a conclusion. At this point she can't even second guess herself.

Charming Maid of Honor, who also is Sister of the Bride, saw them this past weekend, admired them, and wondered about the final decision. 


Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy Bride ( photos)

Long distance wedding planning makes me thankful.
Thankful for technology.
Computers, digital cameras, cell phones.

Got these idea pics from Bride today. 
We're looking at decor type stuff. 
Assorted garland combos for the huppa.

Cute fabrics for a banner-thingy. 
Who else but Bride would want the french chickens? 

 Also a bit of container shopping..

 thrifty ...isn't she?

In between wedding planning,,she continues to feather her nest! 
Cute chair she refurbished.  

Look at those legs!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

oh my

The wedding date is coming fast. 
We have under 7 months!

Hey little Bride...how's the invitation design, choosing, etc. coming?

Hoping the weatherman is right and we get a killing frost. 
I need the break from yard work.

Guess I better get-on-the-stick for a caterer. 
hop to it MOB!

Monday, November 8, 2010


the plants.

Not being a fan of clutter and congestion in our small home, I've become annoyed w/the plants hanging about. 
Literally hanging about.

And in a few weeks I'm fairly certain the kids don't want to share the shower.

 Last evening I wanted to toss them all out. 

Today I set them all outside. It's not gonna be freezing. 

Nice to have a little more time to determine what really is worth keeping. 

6 plus yr old Boston fern-out
spindly coral geranium- out
pink geranium-in
dark purple geranium-in

that's a start anyway.


We currently have internet! yeah!
I am feeling almost human again! double yeah!!

Am thinking I've not done anything wedding-wise in several weeks. Might need to check the planner to see if we are on course even.

There are still those tulip bulbs to finish planting. Since it's gonna be in the 80's might happen today. 

Oh and the most exciting part, I saw teeny tiny blades of grass had sprouted up. Definitely on the agenda to water them today. That's wedding related right?

Am taking suggestions for a reasonably priced digital camera. Not too happy with my current one.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

double acck!!

Being sick-a-bed is never fun.
Lovely little cold I've caught. 

Still limited to trips to the public library for internet.

Still very thankful for public libraries.
double yeah

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We've been having internet trouble for several days.

Not solved yet. 

Happy is not what I'm feeling. 
Currently at the local library, with my computer catching up on the internet world.