Tuesday, February 22, 2011

barbie cakes

Chatting on the cell phone w/Miss Bride yesterday was fun.
I was telling her about these really pretty garden stakes I found. 
Thinking they might be used for the wedding,  FOB and I bought them, without asking the Bride. ( chancy I know)
Our phone reception was sketchy. 
When I said garden stakes, she didn't hear me correctly. 
Knowing we were taking chances I was a bit anxious.

I'm waiting for her to comment. 
She's not.
I begin to describe them. 
She's still quiet.

I get a response.
"oh you said GARDEN STAKES!
I heard barbie cakes
and thought you had completely lost your mind!!"

Below are the "barbie cakes"


  1. Pretty. btw, my mom made me a barbie cake one year for my birthday. An angel food cake with a barbie doll stuck in the hole and then the cake decorated like a dress. Festive!!

  2. & they are soooo pretty!!
    i yike them!

  3. can we make a barbie cake for the bridal shower... or bachelorette part?

  4. just don't use chocolate cake. i found out this evening, not pretty for the barbie....