Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We know a darling little girl who is intrigued by the wedding. 
Her momma sent us some of the conversations being held in their home. 
I had to tell you that you (Bride) are the hot topic of our daily discussions here.
"Mommy, does the bride have a husband?"
"Why are they engaged?"
"Does she have a boyfriend?"
"What will they do when they get married?"
"Why are they getting married?"
I'm guessing we can add about a hundred questions to the list before we reach May 29th. 

She recognizes Bride from pictures, but yesterday wanted to see a picture of RMG So I showed her one on facebook, and left it on the computer screen so she could look at it while I was doing something else. A minute later she came to the kitchen and looked very unhappy:"    "Mommy, Bride's boyfriend disappeared. Please help!"     I had such a hard time keeping my face straight. 

 I love this. It goes in my treasuring-pondering-momma-mind. 

Tender hugs to this mom and daughter. Keep 'em coming!

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  1. liina~ these are such sweet stories! i can't wait to see all your families faces...