Sunday, September 11, 2011

a prayer for peace

Much media focus has been on the September 11th tragedy this week.
I am unable to watch or read about it.
Not that I don't care.

Not that I don't hurt for the many who lost family members.

I do, sincerely. 

I just selfishly don't want to be part of the grieving. 

Realistically who wants their heart torn apart, for years?

No one that I know.

On Sunday, in my early early morning hours our son flies home.

It will be 10 a.m. in Paris when he gets on the plane.

3 a.m. on my clock. 

He and his 7 teammates fly to Houston. 

Lord willing. 

Initially when I knew he was flying home on that day

I was unconcerned.

But this past week with the media hype, I've found anxious 

thoughts attempting to take over my peace.

I want my son to come home, safe and sound. 

I don't want to be anxious about it however.

I will feel much relief when I get that phone call or text

saying " I'm home Mom."

" Dear Jesus,

you know my fears, rational or not. 

they are what they are.

Perhaps I'm not the only anxious person this weekend in the USA.

I ask you to forgive my anxiousness and questioning.

I'm really not enjoying it at all.

Please fill me and us all with peace.


Settle my restless thoughts and quickening heart. 

Help my focus to be positive, 

glass half full, 

content in your plans for our life, and our son's life.

I know the only way to get through hard times 

is hanging on to your hand. 

And really the only hard time I'm having right now is with my doubts and worry of WHAT MIGHT BE. 

May I settle down in to you.

Surround us all with peace.

May your presence be prominent 

and our hearts full of joyous praise. 

In your name,

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