Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a funny tale

Earlier today I breezed into a semi-dark bedroom,
my arms loaded with freshly washed linens.
Out of the corner of my eye something small, gray, 
about the size of a half dollar moved across the floor. 


Haven't seen a daddy long legs THAT color before.
Must be some exotic one.

It moves again.

Gotta find a shoe to kill the thing!!

As I scramble for the weapon, 

I notice the spider is no longer moving.

So I swish my foot in the spiders direction,

flip-flop at-the-ready.

No motion. 

Perhaps he's playing possum.

Swish again. 
Still no spider motion.

Upon closer inspection I discover

the  exotic spider is really an
common dust bunny!

Perhaps I DO need to go to

my yearly eye appointment. 

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