Friday, December 3, 2010


I am blessed to have an amazing sister. 
We've been good friends for many years.
Recently we had this conversation;

Let me set the scene, we are shopping in the city, just had mammograms, and have walked in to a very lovely gift store enthroned with holiday greens, reds and sparklys.

My sister seriously and a tad hesitantly said,
" I want to do something for you. " 

I look at her expectantly... waiting.

She goes on , " I want to buy your mother of the bride dress for you."

I gasp quite loudly and my eyes immediately fill with tears. 

Continuing on after we've wiped our eyes my tender sweet sister said," you did sooo much for my son's wedding, I want to do this."

To which I replied, " That's not necessary. I plan on getting you back this coming spring." 

She shakes her head, " No, I want to do this." 

fyi, for those who don't know,
I can afford the dress.
My sister knows this. 
That's not what this is about. 

It's love. Pure sisterly love. 

The little one is me.

When we were children she would ask me to do something for her and then say ,
" I'll love you forever and ever."

 She is.


  1. Hello! I've been catching up on your musings, and the story of you and your sister pulled my heartstrings. The photo is priceless.

    I seems Bride was really busy. Her time here was much too short, but we did indeed laugh lots.

    Your mention of guest lists reminds me I need to do that on this end. I'll try to get it to them today or tomorrow.

    Our very best to you and yours. Happy Holidays!

  2. oh, momma....
    thanks for showing this beautiful example of sisterly love. i am SO thankful for my family....& my seestor...