Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Bride is headed back to RMG today. 
Has been wonderful having her home.
Busy Bee's we've been.
We got her registered locally on Monday.
Picked the dress.
Worked on finalizing our part of guest list. 
Showed all the grandma's the gown options. 
They give their blessing on " the chosen one."
Took a 4 day trip with the family.

And Bride has managed to slip in visits to two cherished friends!
Spent time with RMG's family.
Saw the new Harry Potter movie...twice. Plus she made 3 pies, crusts and all, 
bierrocks twice, 
and slept in three different beds at home!!

I know she's missing her RMG.
and he is missing her.

that's the way it should be. 

fly safe darling daughter. 
love always and forever,
the momma


  1. thanks was good to be home.
    & i'll be back so soon!! PTL!!

  2. I feel very blessed to have gotten to spend time with Kate. It was so nice to see you and meet your sister too. Thank you for a lovely lunch!