Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Girls

I have friends. 
Yes, I do.
Great ones in fact. 
And I have them in different states even. 

In September I got to spend time with these two girls who live too far away from me.
  We celebrated the middle one's 50th birthday. Much laughter and nonsense and shopping and eating, etc. I am blessed to know these girls. You would be too, if you knew them. 

Today my in-state girlfriends came for lunch. 
A 50th birthday was happening for her. 

These girls came to help celebrate

Don't be fooled by their calm serene faces....
in reality we looked more like this for most of the time!

As I think about what each one of these girls means to me, it reminds me of Miss Bride.

She too is blessed with many sweet wonderful friends. 
Several of those sweeties will be attendants at the wedding. 

I've always told her she can only have 3 attendants. 
She would sigh, roll her eyes, and then say.." I can't. 
I have to have more."

So, she will have 6 lovely girls in attendance with her. 

Girlfriends are the ones who help us make sense of the sometimes nonsense of life. 

I should know huh?

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  1. amen! **grin** we are blessed, momma. with all the lovely ladies pictured & the ones not pictured (that i always need more of).
    much love, momma