Monday, January 3, 2011

A snafu

We've been waiting for JCrew to refund our $$$$$ for the returned bridal gowns. Today we got a lovely gift card from them. In the amount they owe us! ACK

Not acceptable. Quickly called them, explained the problem. Yes, they can see the problem. Said they would have that credited to our credit card,( where it should have gone in the first place!) Give it 3 weeks and if nothing, then call again. 

Oh you can bet I'll be calling again. Yes'm, if necessary.
Here's hoping and literally praying they do as they promised. 

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  1. Janet, Had the pleasure of catching up on your Mother of trhe Bride Blog......delightful sharing and got treary a bit at times...time is soon.....enjoy every minute ...and THANK YOU. Stephanie in CA