Sunday, January 2, 2011


They move in, bag and baggage taking over what once was a nice neat room. Quickly the clothes, glasses, dishes, clothes, computers, and clothes crowd out any hope of neatness.

They empty the fridge, fill the trash, and take over the living room. Drain the hot water heater, milk jugs, and fill the cupboards with chips, cookies and what have you.

And then, they think we'll have regular meals, unlimited food, and stay for days, weeks even.

In a few weeks, we'll go back to two people in the house, we each get a tv, comfy chair, and unlimited milk.
Until then, I hope to sleep all night, because if I get up at night to read, more than likely someone else has claimed the couch to sleep on, or read.

I would like to add they clean the kitchen, haul in the groceries and put them away. They do give hugs and thanks, and smiles, and do their own laundry, and cook a meal for everyone.

Even though it seems we are on top of one another at times, I guess we'll continue to claim our children, because they have certainly claimed a wonderful place in our hearts.

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