Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Bride and mom think a like.
Not new news.
Yesterday, I realized January is almost gone...
that means one less month until the wedding.
One less month to get things done.
One month closer to intense yard work and final preparations.
Get a move-on woman!! 

Then I heard from  the little bride-y via email:


 here is the list we came up with @ thanksgiving. i think you can
figure out which ones we don't have e-mail addresses to. i've got all
of my people. no worries....

except i'm starting to freak out.
4 months....wow...

much love,
Being separated by 1,700 miles does not stop us from thinking alike. 
Same time,
Same freak out,
Good thing God is bigger than us. 
ps. welcome to those wandering in from her wedding page thingy.  

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