Friday, September 10, 2010

More wedding fun

I spent some time online looking at wedding gowns w/Bride. Her tastes have not changed too much. She's enamored with the v-neck simple designs, a fitted waist, full length. Also entertaining ideas of some strapless with lace all over. Rather vintage-ish. We looked at Helene Bridal, mainly, and one at Davids Bridal. We go real shopping next month when I travel to her state. Yippee and hoorah!!!

Then she sent me the previews of save-the-dates, and wedding invite.
VERY lovely. They are simple in design, having leaves or vines on them. So very much the Bride.

I will tell you, seeing my brown-eyed-handsome-man's name and mine on a wedding invite as the parents is a little..... emotional. Happy emotional, maybe a bit tender even, brought a bit of leakiness to the eyes.  Happy though.

We've heard a few opinions re: the wedding location. Don't forget to share yours. Bride, the Colorado brother has shared his even!!! I know wow huh?
Planting needs to happen SOON, so don't hesitate too long. 


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