Monday, September 20, 2010

It did my heart grand!

Recently the bride was in the state for a short fast visit. I hightailed myself up to give that hug. Also got to see her siblings..triple yeah!!!

We had a great and my "ducks". Even though it was only a 3 hour visit w/all of them, it was worth the 3 hour drive for me. 

Later the bride and I stayed w/her sweet sweet friend and her hubby. Their gift of hospitality is evident in many generous ways, and that blue eyed man makes a great breakfast! The sweetest part of our visit was the tiny little hostess, the lady of the house, who has one of the biggest hearts. She was bubbling with excitement for the bride, and asked an important question. " What is the one thing you want to be perfect for the wedding? The one thing that will upset you if it doesn't go right? Focus on that and don't worry about the rest."
good thinking.

This darling hostess had gifts for the bride. The kind that are very heartfelt, and made us all get teary eyed. However when the bride asks the hostess to be an attendant in the wedding.,,,,, we let the tears fall. It was sweet. She was genuinely honored. What a tender memory I'll have for a long long time.

I need to remember it's those sweet times that balance out the crazy times of planning, and then the doing. 

Speaking of doing, gotta get those roses in the ground this week before I head off on an adventure.  

But today I sing another song...."hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go."


  1. Alright... today is the first time I've visited your blog since your visit... and now my eyes are all wet :)
    Brian and I loved having you and Kate here with us. And I am so excited to stand with Kate on her wedding day! It'll just be the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

  2. amen, stephie-lynn!!
    well said!