Thursday, September 9, 2010


We have the location! Our backyard. Guess my plant shopping is on track. Yee ha!

There are 2 possible options. I shall post them, and you can 'voice' your thoughts. 

Option #1
 These are the "stinky" pear trees where the first photo was taken of the B. and RMG. Aside from the sentimentality here, the Bride loves trees, leaves.  Of course the birdhouse and current plant life will be relocated. And grass seed planted.

Option #2
This requires your imagination. Visually move the arbor ( arch thingy) over to where the white chair is residing. Got it? 
Once again, grass and plants would be adjusted as needed. 

Several years ago, my brown-eyed-handsome man gave this arbor to me as an anniversary gift. I could choose between this one, and a smaller, seat-less one. In the interest of $$$ I chose the other. Well.. he wanted me to have this one, because.." you can sit and rest when you get tired."   :) 
Sentimentality running rampant in the options huh?

Give us your thoughts, we listen. 
However the decision always belongs to the Bride.


  1. One thing to think about or test out--if they're under the trees, there might be light spots/shadow spots all over their faces in pics of the ceremony. That's the only difference I can think of. Oh--Which direction would the guests or the couple be facing in each location? I don't know if that'd make a difference with anything--guess it'd depend on the time of day, too.

  2. Good suggestions. I hadn't thought of the lighting concern. Thanks. Guests face north, B and RMG south for both locales.

  3. Just wrote a long comment about shades and shadows and sunshine and trees and love and what-not and now my words are off floating in the cyberspace...