Monday, August 1, 2011

happy honeymoon and hodgepodge

Bride and RMG are headed off to their honeymoon on Wednesday. 
They are excited.
I'm happy for them.

1.was fun to surprise Bride this past weekend with her sister.

2. it was joy to celebrate this wedding 

the love in their faces as they said their vows...
brought tears to many eyes. 
guess who cried when the bride was escorted in by her uncle?
did i cry at my daughters wedding?
probably the only time I've NOT teared up when the bride comes in!

3.  Our son got a job! he's doing some training this week.
In mid August he'll be off to France for continued training.
Today, he had helicopter survival training.
Which means he had to get out of a helicopter that is underwater..

I asked he call when he was done..
just so i would know he was out!

He mentioned they are not made for 6 ft. 5 men.
but he did get out! 
thanks God.

4. little sister has continued car trouble
this weather is too hot and adding stress to old car.

not sure how this will be resolved

5. I'm giving serious thought to working part time.
Now I'm no longer doing wedding planning...
I have free time!  : )


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