Friday, July 29, 2011

the Saturday before the wedding was very busy. 
setting up 2 venues for 200 people.
it took about 20 people to do it swiftly and smoothly

2 kids showed up at our home to help. on time too.
I really didn't know them, 
but that didn't matter, it was the best man and his fiancee'. 

I asked if they had breakfast at their motel.
" well...if you could call a stale donut...breakfast.."

I offered them something here.  "no, we'll be fine."
eggs? yogurt? cereal?
"no we'll be fine."
She agreed to yogurt,, then he did too.
I made them bacon and they agreed to eat it.
: )

These 2 kids worked hard for 2 days.
they are organized, competent and very willing.
Besides those great qualities...

Brown-eyed-handsome-hubby and I are honored to 
attend their wedding tomorrow.
just down-right honored.

that's our next few days adventure...
plus we're bringing a surprise for our kids.
( and's not a box full of your stuff.)

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