Monday, October 25, 2010

Chatting w/a cheetah!

Not really, just my two adorable daughters. I had a phone on each ear, because they called within 5 minutes of each other... but during the same time.
Bride is working on plane tickets home for Thanksgiving, so we worked out schedules. We might get to have her for a week! 
Seems like we talked some wedding stuff, and came to a conclusion on ....??? something. But..I cannot remember. 

So maybe we didn't. It's waaay past my bedtime.

My youngest daughter, the maid of honor, wanted her Gram's address. She bought Halloween cards to mail to her grandmas. Sweet huh. ( She's a college student I want to mention.  A very thoughtful one. )


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  1. ummm...i don't remember finalizing anything for the wedding...not saying that we didn't. but if we did & neither one of us can remember....i'm sure it will work itself out. **bigeyedgrin**