Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bridal gown shopping photos

Waiting for the first gown appointment and being amazed at the flowers....taller than the bride. 

 They are prepared for sentimental mom's and brides! We also were given a bottle of water to drink. Very thoughtful.

 The bride's choices to try on. The one on the right has been one she's been admiring for quite awhile, but it did not make the 'cut'. 
The two final candidates are below.

 Choice # 1
 Choice # 2
Remember these are not her correct sizes, so not the most complimentary. The necklace is what she's planning on wearing, hence the dress has to go with it. 

Now for a bit of merriment and nonsense I bring you some of the rejects.
And here we have the self proclaimed "snow beast." 

Lovely, but too much train and lace. "Felt like a tablecloth."

 Actually, I like this one, but aka Bride, too much train and ugly lace down the back.

Too much skirt fullness here. 

You might notice the last two gowns here, are very similar to her two contenders which caused me to think she might be considering either one. But as we walked out with the list of gowns, she mumbled to me " I am not getting ANY of the dresses here." 

okay then. 


  1. ahh... you were busy ladies. The dresses are lovely and the bride-to-be even lovelier. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment. Love you bunches!! :)

  2. I love both of those choices but I particularly adore choice #2 (not that my opinion counts) :). She looks beautiful in all of them! I hope the groom isn't viewing this.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Andrea, no RMG does not read the blog. He's a very busy man, w/school and such. Even if he did, he wouldn't look at even the rejects. He's holding out for the real deal. :)

  4. Voting for choice #2! Absolutely. Reject #1 made me giggle. I don't think Kate could hold a straight face with that gown/mosquito net combo on. Even in that picture she is most clearly struggling to keep her tongue in her mouth. Don't you think?

  5. liina~

    you are right!! it was WAY hard to keep a straight face....**grin**