Saturday, October 9, 2010


That's you.
You are wondering .." well did they find a dress?"

Yes and No

The two she thought she would really like at JCREW, she does. Really...really.  In fact only one of them " made me feel like I was a bride". 
We did keep the appointment with David's Bridal, she endured the foundation* garments for far too long, but none of those dresses spoke to her heart. Rightly so...they were not my daughter-bride. But trying on that assortment of tulle, taffeta and too much fabric helped solidify her heart,.... okay mine,.... on the preferred dress at JCREW.

Now we order the 2 contenders in her correct size, have them sent home by Christmas, if not before, and then she will choose. I think I know the winner....but you never know. It's the one she kept on the longest, twirled and sashayed about in, and those beautiful brown eyes sparkled. Plus it has the funnest hemline and skirt. Full enough to be fun and swishy-twirly, yet romantic, and the teeniest bit of  train. More like the hint of a train. 

And yes, I did get teary eyed, not necessarily at any certain dress, just more over the experience. It was a good day. We were exhausted, however accomplished a lot. 

And got out of the city, before Friday evening rush hour arrived...thanks God.

* in case you don't know, David's Bridal has all brides, regardless of size put on this long line bustier, and girdle-like slip....called the Foundation Garments ( I referred to the bride as "the iron maiden") 
Once she was in them the bride announced.." okay ..the foundation has been laid, bring on the dresses".      


  1. I was hoping for pictures but I guess I'll have to wait a little longer... is it one of the one's she showed me on the computer that night? Exciting!

  2. not sure if she wants them u can see one privately....: )