Monday, October 18, 2010

Checks and nonsense

Miss Bride has ordered the wedding gowns to come home. She will try them on over Thanksgiving holiday. yippee!!!
I tilled and planted grass seed today. yahoo!!!

I got a good reminder today. When you add more family members, it means you get more people to pray for. This is good. RMG has a test this week, causing him some concern. Add him to your prayer list woncha? thanks

And now for entertainment purposes.
The bride, dressed for halloween a few years ago, at work.

Bride, just being silly. 

Bride joined by cats in hats. 

Cat not in hat. 
Not in the yard either. She left us. :(



  1. Janet, I very much appreciate your notes and photos here on your blog as well as your emails. Thanks!

    Also, it's great that you bike to support your runner. Good luck to both of you. I, too, am going to compete in a run on Saturday (23rd).

    Take care and keep up the good work!

  2. awww....i'm sorry one of the kitties left...
    but way to go tackling the yard! tulips & grass seed & tilling, oh my!!

    it's been consistently 50-something here, so anna & i haven't been getting out on the deck, but she liked your story about the grey & white kitties...**grin**

    also, i appreciate you showing off some of my awesomer makes me smile, like this **bighugegrin** my hair has never been so big, kelli, you work wonders!

    love you, momma

  3. I found 8 mason jars at Goodwill the other day... various sizes and designs, all clear glass... have you found some? Wondering how many you are hoping to end up with for the wedding?

  4. I'm hoping the bride will hop in here with an answer for you.

  5. Janet, I just caught up on the blog. What a terrific thing you have done making this record of all the happy events, decisions---LIFE so beautiful unfolding before my eyes. Thank you for sharing. Yes, there were a few tears here on such tender moments, so many smiles, too. All the pictures are treasures. The Cousin from the Edge (of the continent)

  6. Dear Cousin on the Edge,
    So happy you got to stop in on the blog. This has been the best way for me to keep interested family and friends informed of what's happening. Also really helps me keep on track too.

    hugs to you and that handsome hubby of yours. Also sending my greetings to the wildlife outside your window. :)
    Come back anytime.