Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I married a good man

I did. 
Today we sent our son off to a new job 12 hours from home. Eventually he will be more hours away as he works off shore on those oil rigs in the oceans. 
It's been a challenging few years for him with the recession and  job loss. But through it all, he has kept his chin up, and continued the search.
Today, as we hugged him good bye my brown eyed handsome man said, " We are proud of you Son. You've done a good job all this time with your attitude and continue to hunt when it seemed useless." 

I appreciate this blessing he gave the Son. 
I know the Son appreciated it, because he told us so. 
I told my hubby afterwards too. 
I've heard him do this with all of our kids, 
give them a verbal blessing. 
Such a gift for them.

Not only does their daddy show love and support by helping them through the hard times, no matter what age they are, but they also get the verbal validation. 

Words do make a difference.
What are your words saying?


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  1. Yep, positive affirmations DO make a difference. I'm learning. And my husband is better at it than I am.