Tuesday, July 5, 2011

one more bridal event....whew...

My brown eyed handsome man and I have been traveling since Sunday afternoon. 
" go west young man? " 
" go west middle aged man!"

Bride and RMG and MOB and FOB are hosting a wedding reception at their church this Sunday. 
 Hence the looooonnnng drive...
but we are also vacationing..so it's good.
Stopped to see the Battle of Little Big Horn location. 
Interesting to see the various hills and 'hidey holes'.
But my favorite is the scenery, its gorgeous there.

Today we went mining for Sapphires in Montana.. 
my b.e.h.man found a nice one even. woo hoo

tomorrow we'll do a lake cruise and then wander on down to see the newlyweds. 

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