Wednesday, July 20, 2011

new friends

A big joy about our daughters wedding was the people.
We had old framily and new framily attending.

Was delightful to meet RMG's friends and family.
Especially his child hood friends. 
Would have been fun to visit with them and hear their stories...
I think. : )

These were taken on work day.
See the blond guy in the green shirt? He was the best man and oldest friend of RMG. Well.... green shirt guy and that darling blonde girl sitting between RMG and GSG are getting married next week.
Guess what?
They invited us
and We get to go.!!!
These kids are some of my new framily. I plan on keeping in touch with them and hope to celebrate life in all aspects with them. 

When we went to the Wedding Reception on the west coast we got to meet more framily. 
More kids for me to love and celebrate life with.
 Here they are in their natural habitat.

Do you recognize RMG? 
Hair cuts do change your looks a tad.
These kids not only drove/flew miles to attend and support Bride and RMG, but they helped us set up AND take down. 
Just as we finished up washing the last of the kitchen supplies, the sweetest thing happened. 
See this dashing man on the right? 
He came to his little wifey looking expectantly, reached for her hand and quietly said, " they are dancing." 
Immediately she stops what she's doing, 
takes his hand and they join the others. 

It was sweet. 
I liked it.
Bride commented it was probably her favorite part of that day.

After snapping these pics..I joined my brown-eyed-handsome man and we took a spin around the dance floor too.


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  1. Awwww. This is so nice. I'm going to have to come up with a good word for you. How about swuteness. (get it? sweet and cuteness) :)