Monday, July 11, 2011

we are done...

the last wedding event has happened...successfully too.

we met lots of friends of bride and rmg...many who traveled either across the state or across many states to come celebrate. nice people....very nice.

you know who your friends are when not only do they help you decorate and set up....but they stay and help take it all down. Was great to get to know these couples better. In fact we've invited them to join us in Colorado some time....probably a year down the road...but still.

another good set of friends helped w/the food, and even fed us.
Friday evening we dined on Bacon Explosion and Pulled Chicken in their lush backyard. Then snuggled up around the fire pit laughing and giggling for several hours.
Bride and RMG are very blessed to have such good friends.
We are very blessed to get to spend time w/all these kids.

due to computer will be  few days before I can post photos here

am I sad this part of my daughter's life's journey is over?
not really.
we've enjoyed the whole experience
but life goes on
and we are excited about moving on with it.

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  1. There will be grandchildren and LOTS of photo ops. :)