Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Happy

Those are the words my daughter posted on Face Book, to announce her engagement. Her smile goes clear back to her molars it seems. Yes, she is happy happy. So are we.

Happiness sometimes comes with tears. I cried when we got a text from her boyfriend with the photo of her ring and he said.." don't worry. I have a plan." That was in April. He finally proposed in August!

Yes, it was hard keeping the news from her, especially when she would call lamenting about why he hadn't proposed. We even kept her sister from knowing so she wouldn't have to lie, fudge, and be tormented not being able to help her "seestor".

So now the planning begins. I've already begun making lists, checking them twice. And we have 10 months yet! I know, it will go fast.

Oh, I did purchase 3 bridal magazines on the day after the proposal.


  1. You knew in April... oh my, that would've been torture for me! Brian suggested that perhaps Josef waited so long to purpose because he had to find a ring as unique as Kate is :)