Thursday, August 12, 2010

M.O. B. and B . communicating

Bride and mom are communicating already. Some is entertaining and worth us remembering for in the blog it goes. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

message from the Bride:

pics are fine. i think it's pretty great, kinda like a scrapbook that everyone gets to share at once. **grin**
& once i visited the blog, it's not so over the top. it's really very sweet. i like it. it's just tricksie, b/c i'm still wrapping my head around this engaged thing, & Renaissance Man Groom* is too. i might be more afraid of overwhelming him than anything.
being at the center of all this attention is nice, for a bit...then it becomes flustering & i feel not worthy of it, or that it's just too much.
but you are right, some things need to get done right away. RMG* wants some say in this & to have his opinions considered. i'm giving him a week before we sit down & talk this out. just a week to enjoy it.
i think it is verra sweet that daddy wants a dinner. **grin** of course we can have one. i do get a bit nervous thinking about adding all these things so suddenly: dinner, a reception venue.
i want to keep this simple, i don't want it to get too over the top or out of hand. i don't want us to have to wear ourselves too thin. i want us to keep this a celebration, keep that as our focus.
though according to popular male opinion in the car last night, food makes celebrating more celebratory!! **grin** we took b & e down too the snake river last night. we found out that our boys are champion rock skippers!

(this just in: RMG hates embroidered towels)
much, much love,

to which I replied:

Just b/c some planning happens does not mean you still can't enjoy being engaged. It's not always a hurry up, go, do adventure.

Yes, it's a celebration and party. I will cancel the flying monkeys and pony rides however if I must. But the 10 story fountain is staying,, even if you get married in Zimbabwe!

As to the embroidered towels...well into each ones life some embroidery will fall.....

Did I mention CK and I will be at the cabin sept. 23rd - 26/27th? Gonna catch the fall colors, and some of the Celtic fest. If i'm lucky I'll get to attend a free beginner dulcimer class..and learn something.

take a deep breath, and enjoy the gifts God has bestowed on you,... His treasured and much loved child.
love always and forever,
mom.... and no monkeys ;(

Bride responds:
oh the monkeys are fine. in fact you could teach them to play the dulcimer & then i'll walk down the aisle to your new pets choral debut!! TA-DA!! **jazzhands**


sounds like a busy (but wonderful) time!
enjoy the fall colors for me! & the celtic fest...i am jealous!
much love back (& give daddy a hug!)


  1. Kate's sense of humor/wit is just like yours :)

  2. Stephanie, I have learned much from all of my kids. Their sense of humor is beyond mine sometimes. But we all have fun regardless.