Friday, August 20, 2010

marriage on my mind

Today is my parents 60th wedding anniversary. We've planned a very small reception for them on their farm tomorrow.  I got Mom's bridal gown cleaned and pressed. It's so sweet.Mom had such a tiny waist. I am enjoying the wedding photos that were taken. There's Dad's long arms and skinny wrists sneaking out the end of his suit. Mom's bride glow of happiness and beauty.
And in the midst of planning for them, comes the engagement of my daughter! Such sweet events for me this August.
It takes lots to make a marriage work. I've shared that thought with our kids probably as long as they can remember. Marriage is fun, but also takes time, work, patience, and commitment. Find someone who will be as committed to making it through the hard times as the easier ones, and keep on praying and praising.

May God bless our Bride and Renaissance-Man Groom  with as many  years of being together as my folks have had.

Need to stop brown-eyed-handsome man wants to watch a movie with me now. 


  1. It's actually 4:52... your blog must be in a different time zone :)