Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two maybes

Maybe # 1.
We might have a outdoor wedding . As in our backyard. We might I repeat. As far as I know that hasn't been determined. Just in case, I'm kind of getting the yard in shape. Went out to mow, discovered the mower had quit, for life. Hubby got to get a new one. There I was...all dressed and ready to mow...but no mower. So I pulled the grass out of the flower beds, trimmed the dead out of the lilac bush. Also trimmed up the low branches on the maples,  and studied the possible locales for a possible ceremony. Many years ago when the Bride and Reniassance Man Groom met, he stopped by for a visit, and we got to meet him. It was Spring, my pear trees were in bloom in the backyard looking so lovely. The bride, who-wasn't-a-bride-then  remember, wanted to have photos of the 2 of them. So...we took them under the pear trees, until they decided the trees were too stinky, and we moved over by the lilac bush. The photos were cute. RMG made some funny faces, when B. was cooperating, and vice-versa. Very cute pics.

Maybe # 2
I've been looking for those photos. No they aren't on my computer, no I don't have negatives, and its starting to look like I don't have the originals either.  I used to know where they were because I tucked them down deep in a desk drawer one of the times B. and RMG weren't a couple. Didn't want her to run across them and be sad.  In fact, it's very possible I tossed them the last time they decided a relationship wasn't going to work. They would move on without each other.  I distinctly remember debating on whether or not to keep those pics.....just in case. What I don't recall is what I eventually decided to do.

hmmm,, my memory isn't too good re: the photos...but I do remember her eyes dancing after he left. She just sparkled with happiness. Something about a 'foot-popping' hug.
I also remember B telling me about how this RMG danced by the side of the road with her. They cranked up the car music and danced on a lonely prairie highway.

So we don't have the first photos, fine,.... my daughter has her dream man.  That's good enough.

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  1. yeah new mower!! & i have those will too soon...

    (i'm keeping my fingers crossed for maybe#1)