Monday, August 30, 2010


This is not official...but there is a good chance we have a date for the wedding!  The Bride mentioned to me today that Renaissance Man Groom mentioned to someone else when they are getting married.  I'm leary about posting it, just in case...but we are getting closer it seems. I think its safe to say "in the merry merry month of May"!

And the Bride has been looking at wedding gowns online, mentioning a few of her likes and dislikes. J Crew has a few that have caught her eye, and she said she likes a few others, but no specifics, sorry. Hop over to J Crew , Aunti C., and guess which ones she likes. Keeping in mind Bride is $$$$$ conservative. 

FYI, Bride and MOB, (me) have been planning weddings for years!

It's a fun way to pass time as you're driving down the road. I can recall very few details, but the tartan plaid one seems to stick in my brain the most. 

So far, tartan plaid has not been mentioned.

Brooke, at Brooke Jantz Photography, slipped me some cute ideas for outdoor weddings.  Some of which Bride and I have discussed before. Will be fun to see what actually happens. 
Providing it is an outdoor wedding.

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