Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wedding worthy?

Knowing the bride is thinking a 'green' wedding as much as possible, I've kept my eyes open for treasures for possible use. You know, things previously loved by another generation, but now being appreciated by us. 
We've traveled a bit this summer and I've been finding some treasures that just might be useful for the wedding.

This is a vintage pale green table cloth that has tulips on it. The brides favorite flower. 

Or she might find a place to use this hammered aluminum tray...leafy..viney...another favorite.

And this little candle holder just jumped in my hand and begged to come home with me.

I also got the bride an engagement gift, but you can't see it until she does! Don't worry, its on the way there now.

To my facebook friends ......remember all those table cloths I got at the auction? Well there really was a method to my madness in that purchase. Wedding madness that is.


  1. hello gorgeous(es)!!

    um....yes please! they want to play...they really, really do!

  2. well then.. we shall invite them to the party !

  3. Love that hammered tray! So pretty and so much character. Thanks for sharing.