Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 days 2 headaches

Monday and Tuesday I worked on wedding stuff.
Monday and Tuesday I had headaches. 
NO fun. 

I did the paper invitations, a multi-step process:
find name list and print
count, re-count to see if we have enough invitations
barely. 37 needed, had 40
type addresses and save
learn how to make labels on computer (yeah me!)
cross fingers and print labels
yeah it worked
put mailing label and stamp on all rsvp cards
take 2 asprin
put invitation in decorative envelope
(was thankful for paperless invites by now)
then put those in mailing envelope
find brides registry list
double check spelling on it
find mistakes, correct'em
answer phone
turn a down lunch invitation
format and print registry card
get FOB to cut them up
put labels on mailing envelope
add rsvp and registry card
put return labels on 
(doubly thankful for paperless invites)
then stamps
double check EACH one and seal
Did a happy dance.

Wednesday no headache!
shopping for wedding stuff. 
buy some candles and ribbon.

wish bride was closer to discuss other options.
wish bride would answer her phone to discuss other options
go ahead and purchase
figure bride will adjust if needed

get things for a trip not wedding related
buy bacon, FOB eats it daily

grandma of bride gets wedding invitation in the mail
pronounces it beautiful
I said " look at the stamp!"

It's the little things.


  1. OOOOH!! I LOVE wedding invitations. So pretty. Such a happy time. The stamps are gorgeous. You are such a loving mom. Please take care of yourself.

  2. sorry, momma! & i think everything looks gorgeous!! thanks for the pictures & doing all the hard work!

    ps. the ribbon looks fabulous & i love the stamps!

    much love,

  3. thanks happygirl. I lunched w/some great friends today. We laughed and giggled continuously. Best headache/stress remedy I know.