Monday, March 28, 2011

reality reminder? naw...just party time

Good Monday morning!
Bride's wedding website said..." 62 days until until our wedding!"

62 days until the rains needs to fall
62 days until the grass needs to be green
62 days until we get to have lots of fun!!!
Let's start the fun before that

This weekend Bride will be home for 2 showers.
One on Saturday, one on Sunday. 
Oh what fun those will bring.
I'll get to meet some more of her friends 
and get to hug some of those friends I already know and love. 
"hello to W-town daughters of my heart! 
Momma B is coming to town."

Sunday will bring a gathering of Grand Dame's.
Brides 2 g'mas will be here, along with one of RMG's!
Of course RMG's sweet momma and sister too.
Maybe we'll take a picture or two.


  1. I LOVE the saying "okey-dokey." I think I'm the only person that says this in my area. Have FUN with your daughter and friends. You are doing a GREAT job.

  2. i am getting SO's hard to get stuff done here **grin**