Thursday, March 24, 2011

planning ahead might lead to disaster

or might not.
I purchased 2 lovely lush Boston Ferns this week.
The price was fantastic.
Yes I get to keep them going inside for awhile with
outside recesses for them as spring warms up our yard.
But..hey...I had one fern for..... 6-8 years. I can do this.


These glorious ferns enhanced our front porch yesterday.
I knew it was going to dip below freezing last night. 
No problem..I'll bring them in.

Guess who woke up this morning and remembered something?
Yup, me. 
Ferns, outside, freezing temps. 
I can see some signs of freezing on some of the fronds.
but hey....I still have 2 months to get them in shape right?

Besides...maybe I forgot about them because of a new caterer I learned about last evening. : )
He will let me know today if our event fits his agenda. 


  1. Oh, I hope the caterer will do your event. I really do. Maybe you should bring him a scone.

  2. i love you.
    & the title of this post...**grin**