Wednesday, March 9, 2011

leaky eye syndrome

Mom of the bride 
loving sister of  MOB
are pleased to announce...
(drum roll)
MOB has a dress for
 the wedding !!!!

We shopped up and down, in and out, all about. 
I changed clothes more times than a runway model. 
After the first day we drug our weary selves back to the motel..shimmied into swimsuits and slithered in to the hot tub. 
Then did laps in the pool.
Back to the hot tub.
Up to our motel room to shower off the chemicals 
and crawled in to bed.
Second day started out strong on the other end of the city.
First store, first dress we see,"hmm...this is nice.
But lets look at everything before hitting the dressing room. "
30 minutes later and I'm ready to try the options. 
I save the dress for last. 
Once I have it on loving sister gets pensive, positive.
I feel the same way. 
We're thinking this just might be it. 
It's better than the first day's options by far. 
I go to the 3-way mirror, the dress is looking better.
I'm thinking this just might work.
The very helpful saleslady gets some shawl-type things.
One we had already discovered and admired. 
I save it for last. 
Of's the best one.
Loving Sister is taking photos w/her phone and sending them.
I look at myself in the mirror, dress and shawl on,
I think about where I could be wearing this dress,
and I get leaky eye-syndrome. 
After turning around to my sister I said
"I'm going to cry." 
Big tears roll down my cheeks. 
Loving Sister puts down the phone, gives me a big hug
and gets leaky eye-syndrome too.  
We wipe our faces, and agree

It's looking shimmery, but it's not. Just a nice soft green with those wonderful layers that do a great job with my layers!

If I could figure out how to refer to a previous post, I would. But.. remember in December when loving sister said she wanted to buy my MOB dress for me? She did.


  1. Hooray!!! and Yippee!!! and the best thing that can happen is YOU HAVE YOUR DRESS. I am so glad. I know how it feels to need a dress. Enjoy the balance of the wedding planning, 'cause you're going to look BEAUTIFUL at the wedding.

  2. ahhh, thank you lots happy girl. I thought of you when I was shopping and how you encouraged me to get to the stores. You were right, and I knew you would like this one.
    I appreciate you.

  3. it's beautiful, momma! just like you!
    i'm so excited to see you in it for real!!