Saturday, March 5, 2011


Bride's wedding website reminds me the wedding is in 85 days.
My internet security plan reminds me it expires in 85 days. 

Eighty-five days.
In 85 days the backyard will be green.

In 85 days we will be enjoying time with cherished friends who are family. I got to chat with one of those "framily" members recently. This young woman is a daughter to me. She called from Canada, where she lives and said, "I want to know how the mother of the bride is doing?" It was Tuesday evening, after two days of headaches. I was doing much better by then and told her so. She sweetly sympathized my angst, but more importantly supported my relief. 
And then she gave me joy. 
Pure laughable joy, surrounding me with her energy. 
As I listened to her, I could see her face.
I was watching her hand expressions.
It was fully and completly "A". 
And I got excited. 
In 85 days, less actually, I get to literally see this delight-in- my-life. I get to hug that body of delight. 
I get to see her whole family, momma, second dad, sister, brothers, nephew, and new baby niece!!
This, my friends is just what I needed. 
I needed that reminder to celebrate. 
Wedding planning is not all work and no fun. 

On top of these framily members coming my brown-eyed-handsome-hubbys brothers and families will all be here! We don't get to see each other very often. Once a year if we are lucky.  One thing I've always appreciated about them is their commitment to family. We don't miss high school graduations and weddings. Another reason to remember the times of planing and work are worth the fun ahead. 

Many more family and framily members coming. People we've walked the painful road of loss with, and laughed-until-we-cried with. 

Plus, there will be 'friends-to-be' coming... RMG's family and friends. 

All these people coming to help us celebrate and support the change coming in 85 days. 

Maybe we need to have a party! :)

"Lord, help me keep my focus on the joy, the celebration of this event. I need to remember the party, the people and the purpose. Help me to celebrate them all, not being so busy too miss the fun and the joy. "

Change is coming in 85 days. 
We will be blessed with framily, family & friends here.  
In 85 days we are having a party.
In 85 days we gain a son.
In 85 days we are having a BIG, FUN, PARTY!



  1. I'm all about the party part. Of course there's a wedding in it all, but yeah. Party.

  2. Jelly, party is my new word for wedding. : )

  3. here here!!
    85 days 'til party!!

  4. Wedding are so much fun. 85 days will FLY by for you. However, if you would like to slow them down, you could join me in my 40 days of yoga. btw, thanks for the encouragement. I'm going to NEED it.

  5. I miss that girl who called you from Canada. Good thing we just reserved our flights. :)

  6. YEAH AND YIPPEE AND HOORAH!!! AND EVEN WORDS I CANNOT COME UP WITH Karoliina. I need to see you too.and I need to kiss those 'babies', meet your son....oh happy happy happy.

  7. The "framily" is excited too!

  8. I may have spoken too soon... I'll email you.