Saturday, March 19, 2011


 these numbers are known in our family as "candle math"
can you guess the age?

On this date in 1983 we had a snowstorm. Probably 6-10 inches of snow. I watched FOB and Favorite Brother of the bride build a snowman while timing contractions and waiting to go to the hospital.

As you can see Fav. Bro. was delighted to have a new baby sister.

Here's brides first Christmas. Seems this is also her early rendition of 'fish face' she does often in pictures!!!

 Now Bride w/Brother and Suzannah the doll. 

 This outfit would be perfect for the winter she's had this year.


Most importantly her impeccable sense of fashion and love for boots started early on.

Happy birthday darling daughter, 
bride, wife-to-be and the future Ms. RMG!

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