Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Catering issue is not solved, but in the process. 
A good friend called offering support and listening ear.
yeah good friends.

Then after putting away the winter decorations.. "think snow" is past it's prime, and getting out the Easter bunnies, I bopped out to the wedding site.

Happy to see my teeny scraggly forsythia bush is blooming, the stinky pear trees are teasing me with bits of white blossoms, daffodils are blooming, I'm running the sprinkler, and ready for spring.

However, we NEED rain. 
The wind is fierce today and the dust is blowing. My mom keeps saying she hopes it's not a forecast of days to come.  ...the Dust Bowl days. 
Those were real folks. We would be happy to have you join us in praying for moisture.

even though caterer issue isn't solved...
my life is better after playing in the dirt.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling a bit calmer. I'll still keep praying on the catering. This is a BIG one.

  2. I called another caterer...they won't work on Sunday and don't do appetizers. So I did what I didn't want to do...I asked for help from our church ladies. I had really just wanted them to be able to enjoy the event w/o any responsibility, but reality has surfaced. They of course have blessed my heart and generously agreed to do whatever they can. These ladies can all cook great, and quite capable. So I think that's the current plan.
    Your prayers and support are ALWAYS appreciated. thanks so much.