Friday, April 22, 2011

huppah hoopla --part 1

 chuppah, huppah: 'canopy or covering'

According to the Jewish view of marriage, the purpose of marriage is both companionship and procreation. The Chuppah is a marriage canopy that symbolizes the couple's first home together.

The Chuppah is basically a piece of cloth held up by four poles. Some people use a tallit prayer shaw for the Chuppah cloth. The Chuppah is open on all sides, which is reminiscient of the hospitality Abraham and Sarah showed guests in their open tent.

The Chuppah is usually held outside, under the stars, just prior to sundown, as a reminder of the blessing given by God to Abraham, that his children will be as numerous "as the stars of the heavens."

Tell me why it is that Bride, who was born and raised in the Friends church,( Quaker), and she and RMG are currently members of a Lutheran congregation, are using a Jewish tradition in their ceremony.

Regardless, huppah making is happening.
We determined the best location for the 4 poles.
Hubby, began digging, and digging, and digging.  
He took breaks , 
he got blisters, 
but two poles have a home.

I'm sure the poles seemed this tall to the digger-man

He got the 3rd pole almost done. Just a few more inches to go...
he gets a flashlight
he calls me to come see down the hole.

I'm thinking snake, frog, animal bones, something gory.
He assures me it's not alive. 

I look in the hole,

You know what this is? 
That thin piece of black plastic seen in the bottom center of this photo?

A sewer line. 
Our sewer line to be precise. 
It now has a chunk missing. 


Calling the plumber tomorrow. 


  1. oh no!! that is sad news...sorry familia!
    daddy, thank you for building me a chuppah.
    l'chaim! to life!

  2. Oh my, no rest for the weary. You may need the port-a-potty sooner than later. Happy Easter? You all celebrate this, right???

  3. yes, we celebrate Easter and our risen King Jesus. The Friends denomination is your basic protestant concept, w/o using the physical elements of communion or water baptism. Not that you can't participate in those, you can. Happy Easter to you happygirl!

    Now maybe re-thinking the port-a-potty, plus adding outdoor showering! And why not mark the bridal aisle w/a line of fresh dirt where the sewer line gets replaced? It can go from house cleeear out to the cedar trees.

  4. Have been away and wanted to catch up with mother of the bride...and have been busy and I wonder .... plastic sewer lines....always good to start projects early so anything that comes up can be delt with with plenty of time to spear.....keeping to you all