Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wedding break

today I'm hanging out with my great nephew. He's visiting his grandparents and they both had commitments this morning. So lucky me gets to play with him.
It's a nice break from wedding stuff. We watched the bus's go past taking kids to school, played with Mr Potato Head. Sung songs with Mickey Mouse...and now he's chillin, watching cartoons. I'm not up on my cartoons so don't really know who this Manny character is, but all the tools are talking and we're on a construction site, so thinking maybe Bob the builder? 
Next week at this time his "daaama" and I are flying to see Bride for bridal shower # 3.  I know we'll have fun, even if the weather will be  chillier than what we have. 
Once we get back it will be crazy calendar time for me as we do the countdown to the wedding day.  

Makes today's break with this darling 2 year old boy that much more enjoyable.


  1. Have fun fun fun. Love babies. Even those in the "terrible" twos. xoxo

  2. yeah for zac-attack!