Thursday, April 7, 2011

I want to hit the rewind button

We had 2 very lovely days of fun. My heart has been filled to abundance, blessed beyond measure, surpassing what I ever considered. 
I want to do it again..... kind of. 
Both bridal showers were perfect. Much planning and thoughtfulness was evident. From the decor to the food, all in the wedding colors.( that's tricky since they are varied)
The attention to detail gave Bride and I delight and joy. The love emanating from each hostess was evident. These ladies made it delightful and tender. 

This mom of the bride stuff is trick-sy. Such a variety of emotions can come across your heart. I'm sure, based on the past weekend, I shall have 'waterworks' for the next 2 months. consistently. 

There's a variety of roles to play....hats to wear.
Here's my oldest daughter having nervous butterfly's in abundance, on the edge of being overwhelmed by the love being expressed to her. I put on my momma-hat, giving her reassurance she can do this, she is worthy.
chin up child, we can do this. 
Bride has many people who love her. Many in W-town I had not met yet. I put on my Mrs.-Got-rocks-I-can-walk-into-a-room-full-of-veritable-strangers-hat hoping to feel comfortable enough to do the hello's and necessary small talk. Also my desire for each guest to feel comfortable, for family to get to meet each other, the introductions needing to happen, I couldn't be in several places at once to oversee it .... ( breathe here mob)
chin up momma, we can do this.
There are questions to be answered, often by the hostesses, sometimes I have answers, sometimes I don't. On pops the she-knows-whats-going-on-hat. 
chin up ladies, you're doing great.

This next one I struggle to formulate in to words. Like Bride I am overwhelmingly blessed by the love and kindness expressed to us both. The support, desire to serve, desire to be helpful, useful, that was displayed beautifully by many of our friends. From the flowers just for me, to everyone's helpful ways in seeing family had cake, etc., the people who visited with my momma. My sister ( which warrants it's own post)....
Even though I was not able to make all the formal intros, wouldn't you know it....RMG's and Bride's family hopped right in and introduced themselves. Of course. Nor was I able to answer personally questions asked by others.
Maybe this hat is named GRACE. What I need to give myself  because I cannot do it all and be everything for everyone, and hopefully no one but myself expects that of me.
chin up momma, God gave you great friends who are more than willing to be helpful. LET THEM.

I will say... the weekend flew by, we loved it, made sweet memories, and I am blessed beyond measure. 


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  1. AMEN!
    amen, amen, amen, well said, momma.
    we are so blessed! **grin**

    much love,