Monday, April 18, 2011

'sunrise...sunset...swiftly go the days'

FOB and I watched Fiddler on the Roof yesterday. We've enjoyed this musical for many years together, especially as our kids were getting older. Having 2 delightful daughters we've always known the time would come for weddings and such. This movie is great, tender, full of funny lines, beautiful songs and dances,  worth watching many times. I've shed tears during it when we didn't have a wedding on the horizon! Between the giggling, laughing and sniffling, I 'd say we got lots of stress released. ! Especially FOB.
You might remember I was a teary momma the first weekend of this month with the bridal it was the poppa's time I guess. 

I was telling my mom how teary eyed I had been. She said, "I didn't look at it as giving you kids away. To me, we just gained another."
I assured her that's our plan too. But regardless, it still can be a tender time. 

Along with a few frustrations tossed in.
 Recently Bride and I exchanged emails of who's-doing-what-lists. It was kind of funny actually, because I was forgetting some things we had already discussed so had asked her again. When she responded "I thought we had discussed this and...." woops!!

I was telling this to my amazing sister and she giggled along with me. Then she said, "I think you and Bride need to just give each other grace. At this point you are both going to forget some things because there is sooo much to remember. " 

I come from a family of wise women doncha think?


  1. Sunrise, Sunset was sang at my wedding 29 years ago. We recently went to a musical review my daughter was in and it was sung there. Fiddler is a great story.
    So nice to know someone else is going through this at the exact same time! We ALMOST had the rehearsal dinner at our house but everyone said I was taking on too much. Now, I'm glad we changed our plans. I can't imagine having the wedding in our backyard! I wish it was wedding worth though!
    To you and the Bride & Groom, All God's Best!