Thursday, April 21, 2011


If you have a wedding in your near future,
and if your bride lives light years away from home,
you might have places in your home that look like this.

 Which isn't bad at all I know.

 and closet doors open with dresses 
stretched to reduce wrinkling.

 it's a combo of wedding 
and shower gifts that
need a ride to 
the bride. 

I won't show you the multiple sets of dishes
which are stashed under the bed.
maybe we should try them out for Easter Dinner.


  1. Yikes!! This too shall pass. And sooner than you think. God bless this mess and the marriage to come.

  2. well, you can have 9 people over for easter dinner & roast a turky if you're going by what's under the bed. or bust out the temperature control george foreman grill & cook that way. **grin**