Monday, April 25, 2011

huppah hoopla part 3

Good morning!
 guess what we have?? 
We've not seen this in a long long long time.

 little circles on the tulip leaf
are raindrops.
we desperately need the moisture
thanks God.

However, it does put a bit of longer pause in huppah finishing. 

Let's play a game. Just how many holes does 
it take for a 4 posted huppah? 


   3, 4, and 5, so far.
Under the tin is the hole where the sewer line
waits patiently to be fixed.

I prefer to enjoy my bloomer's this morning! 
Wanna see them?

coral bells and a bit of coreopsis

 hanging baskets and alliums standing tall

 more regal alliums

I love this bed of bloomers.


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