Saturday, April 23, 2011

huppah hoopla--part 2

I almost don't want to tell you part 2.

Hubby woke up with a plan to fix this himself
with help from friends.

okay? maybe, 
maybe not. 
time will tell I guess. sigh......

then he went back to digging, digging, 
and more digging for post #3

He came in the house to tell me his latest discovery.
Can you guess?

the gas line!

Fortunately he only discovered it, did not pierce it. 
 I can hardly wait to see what Mondays digging session discovers.

btw Bride....due to under-lying issues....your huppah has gotten longer. No options kiddo...this is how it has to be. I think Dad said 7 not that big of a difference...but it's not who knows?

stayed tuned in for the fun adventures of 
planning a backyard wedding!!!

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